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    Aaaagh. I was wondering.
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    Hello from Central Florida

    Welcome. Mt Dora….Florida. A perfect humid climate for a RedFoot. Good luck.
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    Greetings. Here are a few pix of a nightbox I built a few years ago for our Sully. Keep in mind this was for INDOOR use so it does not have double walls (with insulation inbetween). But it might give you an idea on size & shape & design. A lot depends on your situation, where you will have...
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    My tortoise has white dots on its shell

    Greetings & Welcome to the Forum. I’m going to say those dots & squiggly line patterns that you see up close. There are many posts & questions here on this Forum about them. Everyone pretty much agrees that this is “normal” shell growth & really nothing to be concerned about. Search on...
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    Desert tortoise?

    ✅✅ Looking like a CDT.
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    Just your common Black Snake. Here is what they are officially called “North American Racer”
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    Natural bug repellant basking away in our morning sunshine.
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    New Sulcata owner

    Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!
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    It’s pretty bad form when there are two typos in the info printed on the box. Not sure I would trust the bulb!
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    shell feeling cold

    Remember. Your body temp is 37C, so a tort‘s shell will pretty much feel cooler at any temperature less than 36c. Like Tom said, get an IR temp gun & take various readings of your tort, enclosure, things inside its house etc. Good luck
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    So confused

    When you go into your DIY/hardware store look at the products carefully. Your “linseed oil” treatment for wood might be different than what is recommended from here. What kind of wood are you using? There are plenty of building materials available out there that won’t ever rot. One type of...
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    We are growing! 3 weeks later.

    Congrats. Now - enjoy these days when you can easily carry about, use a small tupperware container to soak, another one fir a hide, and a slightly larger one for their enclosure! I was thrilled to watch our Sully emerge from it’s humid hide & actually eat (ok, nibble) on one Mazuri pellet...
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    I think Spring ends today…
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    Daily food amount

    Nice….just keep feeding away. 😀 Very nice looking tortoise.
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    Daily food amount

    Greetings. What kind of tortoise? By nature, they are grazers and move & graze and move along and graze and take advantage of food abundances. Soooo, best to just provide food so they can graze if & when they feel like. Of course you don't want to waste food, so provide “just enough”...
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    Darn. 😢 How large of an enclosure & is this for a permanent outside enclosure or just for the Summer? What kind of tortoise? I have two RHPs in our Sullys house & a Kane heat mat on the floor. Keeps her snug. Good luck
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    Great…. try this one, looks like they have several wattage types in stock ➡️
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    Check in with @Kapidolo Farms
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    Been seeing this guy around my yard for about a month now, what kind of turtle is he?

    Interesting. High dome, not much in the way of coloration. Hhmmmmm. Where‘s Inspector Closeau when we need him (Or her)?