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  1. bouaboua

    Possible female Testudo H B for sale

    One possible female Testudo Hermanni for sale. This one was hatched Nov 2016 and hibernated in the past couple of winter. This one has irregular scute but a perfect 4. $250 plus shipping. Local pick up welcome.
  2. bouaboua

    A lot of 6 baby Testudo Hermanni Hermann for sale

    I have a group of 6 (sibling) yearling Eastern Hermann tortoise for sale. One of them have irregular scute (2nd photo). Possible all female because they are incubated at 90 F. They hatched at the end of July (First photo was taken on 08/01/18) and hibernated last winter. They have been...
  3. bouaboua

    Can we feed the leaves from the fig tree to my Tortoise??

    Are the leaves from fig tree safe??
  4. bouaboua

    Beautiful Male Marginated

    I have this male adult Marginated tortoise for sale because I need the room for others. I'm asking for $495 plus shipping. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  5. bouaboua

    Recommending a vet clinic in South Bay Area

    One of my radiated tortoise was sick, not eating, not moving. I took him to one of the vet listed in the forum, not much help. One thing this vet did good was referred us to go see another vet in Los Gatos, to see Doctor Curt Nakamura. We glad we did. The Adobe animal hospital South Bay are...
  6. bouaboua

    THANK YOU kenS! ! !

    Two (a pair) new family member are join us this morning. They are coming from KenS's collection. Thank you KenS. You raised them well. My wife and I will do what we can to take a good care of them.
  7. bouaboua

    Adult male Marginated Tortoise for sale

    I have a beautiful adult male, Marginated Tortoise for sale because I need the space for another project. he is very health, self hibernated for the past two year, I got him from Tortoise Supply two years ago. His diet is consisted with 100% home grown plants like mulberry, hibiscus and grape...
  8. bouaboua

    Who am I??

    A friend of mine found this guy in a cherry farm while they went cherry picking in Northern California. So who am I?? A desert tortoise?
  9. bouaboua

    What is this swelling on the neck

    One of my friend have this torts that he discovered this morning with a welling on the neck. Can anyone guess what it is? It was fine last night. @Yvonne G , @tortadise , @Will @Tom Thank you for your help.
  10. bouaboua

    Can you ID this? edible for Tortoise

    I found this near the place where I live when I travel to China for work. They grow on the bank around a canal. Can some one ID this and is this edible for torts?? Thanks.
  11. bouaboua

    "SIDESHOW TURTLES"?? I don't like this :(

    I found this on Fauna.....I'm so sorry they become that way. Intentionally or not..... I'm to judge at this time. But call them "Sideshow" ??
  12. bouaboua

    Can Sulcata eat this??

    Hello @Yvonne G and other member: Can Sulcata eat this plant? My wife said our little pig eat some of this plant this afternoon. Are this safe for torts? Thanks! ! ! !
  13. bouaboua

    Tortoise Stamp..... Many pics.....

    I was bore, so I Googled "tortoise Stamp" WALA ! ! ! ! I found so many image of the stamp that use Tortoise or Turtles as subject.......Very Cool! ! ! ! So I like to share with you all! ! ! ! ! And I believe there are many, many more......
  14. bouaboua

    Can you tell me what's wrong with this two??

    A friend have this two baby Hermanni. The large one is little over three inches. current temperature is between 95 to 100 by day and about 90s at night. About 60 % humidity. They are not too active, not eating much and lethargic. He did soak them daily....The smaller one are making noise while...
  15. bouaboua

    Baby CDT & TDT.... Cuter then ever! ! !

    @Yvonne G They are out in the sun for couple hours today! ! ! We hit high 70th today in the afternoon. So my wife hurried to get everyone out.....Including this two cuties.
  16. bouaboua

    He? She? Ages?

    I have this two Radiated tortoise for about a year now. The plastron are about 8 inches for both of them. Can anyone estimate how old they are and the sex of them?? My wife and I are just wondering......We shall get a male? or few females if we like to breed them in the future? Thanks...
  17. bouaboua

    Can this light be harmful??

    I have a question and I know this may has been discussed many times in the forum but I like to get it clear one more time and listen to everyone's opinions and experiences. Is this a safe light (infrared heating) to use inside the tortoise enclosure as night light? Can tortoise see the red...
  18. bouaboua

    First time.......My female Hermanni laid three eggs just now.

    My wife just called: One of my Hermanni just laid three eggs. We don't have any experience of this. What should I do? We like to incubate those eggs. Any suggestion for a incubator? How long approximately how long the incubation time for Hermanni?? I know when we dig out the eggs we don't want...
  19. bouaboua

    Team effort! ! ! !

    Look those four little Leopard work together to get to the sweet potato's leaf that was out of reach to them. What a team work! ! ! At the end, everyone enjoyed those succulence leafs. Yes! ! ! Step on my back.......and pull! ! ! Let me pin it down for everyone..... Yes....come...
  20. bouaboua

    How long is the average life span of a Cuora flavomarginata?

    I saw a thread on one of the Chinese forum claimed that he own a Cuora flavomarginata for over 20 years. How long is the average life span of them? Just wondering! ! !!