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  1. Maro2Bear

    Russian Tortoise in PG County, Maryland

    This ad just popped into my queue this morning..,placement%3A1
  2. Maro2Bear

    Russian Tortoise Up for Adoption - PG County, MD

    Greetings. Just had this advert for a Russian tortoise pop into my email from Adopt-a-Pet. Looks in rough shape, long beak & long claws. Maybe someone in our area can welcome a new Russian into their home. ➡️➡️...
  3. Maro2Bear

    Inkbird Digital Thermostat Question On Heating/Cooling Plugs

    Greetings All. I was just reading a few questions & responses in @Tom ’s Nightbox thread & the discussion got to “What’s a good thermostat to use?” Ive been using my analog Zilla 1000 watt thermostat for some time and it works just fine. That said, i see that the one referenced as good to use...
  4. Maro2Bear

    Good Source of Large Quantities of Coco Substrate

    Greetings Ive been reading up on Greenhouses and hydroponics and indoor growing in general. This one website called HYDROBUILDER has a lot of various products of interest & possible use by tortoise owners. Indoor lighting, heaters, coco coir, fans, etc. 5 kg bale of coco fiber...
  5. Maro2Bear

    Turtles in Maryland - A Summary

    Here’s a nice summary of the turtles one can expect to find/see throughout Maryland. Creating a Wild Backyard - Turtles in Maryland Turtles are delightful reptiles which may find their way into your backyard if the conditions are...
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    Dead Sea Turtles Found on Tangier Island, Virginia (sad)

    These are all pix of the juvenile. I’ll find the pix of one of the adults and post thst as well. Thoughts on the species?
  7. Maro2Bear

    Chimps in Gabon Feast on Hingeback Torts

    Interesting video on chimps cracking open tortise shells and eating.
  8. Maro2Bear

    Activity of Two Florida Gopher Tortoises

    Greetings @Ray--Opo asked me to upload this video of two Florida Gopher tortoises that were active in the Gleason Park area near his home. Per Ray, there is an entire colony of these torts active in the park. Interesting aggressive/bullying behavior going on and Ray gets to watch it all in...
  9. Maro2Bear

    Argan Oil vs Coconut vs Olive Oil

    Greetings Every now and then owners of tortoises with dry skin or carapaces ask if they can apply anything special to help things along. More often then not, folks recommend the use of coconut oil, or olive oil, or some other type of commercial shell saver. I just read a few...
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    East Coast Fall Foliage

    Greetings all Following a very wet Summer, coupled with rather warm Fall temperatures and only a frost or two to date, our East Coast Fall foliage is finally popping. Visited the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge near our home today and the conditions were perfect. Bright sunshine, blue skys...
  11. Maro2Bear

    Jaguar Spotted Hunting in Costa Rica - but ....

    But, did you all note the giant tortoise there too. It looks like a “vulture” might be eating near there and the jaguar is attacking the bird. Hopefully it’s not eating a dead tort.
  12. Maro2Bear

    Thoughts on Arcadia’s New Deep Heat Projector (DHP)

    Greetings All Just received Reptile Basics latest email update with new items for keepers of reptiles. One of the highlighted items is this new DHP heating lamp and I’m wondering what this Tortoise Forum thinks about it. Link to photos, video and the entire description -...
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    Sea Turtles Hatch in Maryland - First Recorded

    Cool news! -...
  14. Maro2Bear

    Dehydrated Pumpkin - An Experiment

    Greetings all. There is always discussion this time of year about feeding pumpkin to our torts. I know our Sully loves to gobble up fresh pumpkin and seeds and innards of a fresh pumpkin. BUT, one can only feed so much fresh pumpkin... My neighbors and co-workers know that our Sully enjoys...
  15. Maro2Bear

    Drats! Father Frost Ends Another Growing Season

    No comments required, like Euro News " No Comment " - Father Frost has arrived...
  16. Maro2Bear

    American Bald Eagles in PA

    Greetings All Yes, we have plenty of Bald Eagles here in the DELMARVA/ PA area, and our kayaking group spots one or two everytime we are out. Yesterday, my wife and I were on a quiet paddle on the Susquehana River, on the Pennsylvania - Maryland border, when we paddled right up to this Eagle...
  17. Maro2Bear

    Slaughter of Rare Sea Turtles in Yemen

    Sad story being broadcast by al-Jazeera news regarding the unabated slaughter of rare sea turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs. Heres the URL
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    Preparing for Power Outages - Determine Generator Size

    With all kinds of storms, both summer and winter, that knock out power, it's good to be prepared if you are a keeper of reptiles that need warm temps! Heres a good link about how to determine...
  19. Maro2Bear

    How Many Turtles Can Fit on One Log?

    Greetings All Gorgeous Fall day here in Maryland yesterday, 2 November, with record breaking temps into the low 80's. We took the opportunity to go kayaking on Seneca Lake in central Maryland, where we found beautiful waters and lots of turtles out basking in the sun's rays. Here's a few pix...
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    Heating Mats: Kane vs Zoo Med ReptiTherm® Habitat Heater

    Greetings all I'm looking to add a heating mat to our enclosure for our 2.5 year old 30 llb Sulcata. I know a lot of folks use and recommend Kane pig blanket/mats, but I see the Zoo Med ReptiTherm Habitat Heater is also out there. Same size, same heating wattage, half the price. The 18x18...