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    For world tortoise day

    Two t-shirts with Pyxis planicauda on them. AKA Kapidolo hmmmm. $20 and $40 respectively.[167]
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    Shrimp tails?

    Why ?
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    Is this Pathos safe for russian tortoise?

    I've never had an issue with a tortoises eating Pothos. However a friend has cautioned me that leopard tortoises (neonates) will sometimes get what is described as a swollen face from it. It is safe in the sense that is often eaten, but maybe pay close attention to how they react to it.
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    Kapidolo Farms deal of the month.

    It's been many months since I posted a deal of the month. I recently got the web page more functional and easier to use, without to many visual changes. But, there always seem to be nagging stupid things I've overlooked. Prices inverse from package size (small amount more expensive than large...
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    Mental Stimulation - Fighting Off Intruders

    The more I think I understand tortoises, the more they humble me. I often suggest, as an example of interaction when people want to get two baby tortoises, that they tress each other out and even if it is not measurable with blood tests (stress hormones) it become apparent over time by one...
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    Inexpensive T5 HO hood option?

    So the SunBlaze is a fixture, not a bulb. It does not reduce the UV output, but rather distributes different than the Arcadia fixture. I have come to use all 12 inch Arcadia shade dweller units, have them about 8 to 10 inches from the top of the shell, and let the tortoise moderate their...
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    Lyn W, no worries, that's the answer I would have given.

    Lyn W, no worries, that's the answer I would have given.
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    The BEST substrate, really the BEST one.

    I have found 'mosquito bits' to be effective in stopping these.
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    What's in that leaf, grocery and garden, published nutrient list.

    Hi Camo, I just saw this today. None of my regular go to webpages list this plant as edible. It is considered mildly toxic to people and mammal pets. With the different species living so broadly in south America you'd think that at least some of the wild type diet lists would list is as food...
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    The BEST substrate, really the BEST one.

    The best substrate is not one item, there is some thinking and consideration involved YOU have to do. Just asking what's best and getting a single answer, a correct answer is impossible - because there are many 'bests'. The constant drive for a single best this or that, substrate is what this...
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    turtle identity?

    I agree with TeamZissou. Kinixys nogueyi.
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    I don't see a picture. Maybe post the image in the hinge-back subforum?

    I don't see a picture. Maybe post the image in the hinge-back subforum?
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    Size difference

    My name is Will.
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    How is this Idea

    I used a heated insulated night house inside of a green house for some radiated. They sunny day, daytime warmth is good for outside the night house, but in the greenhouse. There are videos of it somewhere here in TFO land.
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    How trustworthy is this article?

    I'd allow for a cooler cool end, into the mid 70's F. Pancakes can heat stress more easily than other species in my experience.
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    Size difference

    So, was there a question OR sharing a lesson learned?
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    Looking for a 10 lot of...

    Leopards, Redfoots, yellowfoots, elongateds, others considered but no Testudo, their fate? I have a new type of enclosure I want to trial - once they grow to three-four times hatchling size (or more) I will sell them at a show. You can have credit as the breeder or not, as you wish. Will...
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    Looking for The Delicate Yellowfoot Tortoise book

    FWIW the series of books by RCP are fun and interesting to read, sorta like old newspaper articles suggesting that the moon is made of cheese (yes that was actually reported in newspapers). They are more insight into how RCP 'felt' about his tortoises than serious husbandry texts. I have...
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    Opinions on purchased tortoise food

    In terms of nutrient content, ingredients, and fiber profile the two ZooMed pellets, grassland and forest, are the best commercial pellets available in the US. A side by side comparison of commercial diets to natural diets was used in a published account in what can be called the 'third...
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    Thanks, you too, and everyone else.