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  1. Nolan1992

    8 month old sulcata needs a good home

    Hello, I am looking for a good home for my baby Sulcata. I am located in Miami, Florida. He is around 5 inches, has a beautiful round shell, with a unique scute pattern. He is free to anyone who can assure me that he will be in good hands. It's very hard for me to leave him, but I am a college...
  2. Nolan1992

    Hatchling or yearling Russian tortoise

    Can someone point me in the direction of a good source to buy hatchling or yearling russian tortoises?
  3. Nolan1992

    I'm ready for a pancake tortoise !

    I am ready to add another tort to the family and pancake has my vote. A couple of things first: 1. Does anyone have a picture of their indoor pancake enclosure they can share with me? I'd like some cool ideas for hides and what not for their little pancake bodies. 2. Good breeder/website to...
  4. Nolan1992

    Can O' Snails

    Anyone try these ? Thinking about trying them out.
  5. Nolan1992

    I've decided to pursue a career as a fire fighter

    I have decided to pursue this career after I graduate college next spring, although it has nothing to do with my degree (economics). Any fire fighters on TFO with some advice for me ????? I am going to get certified as an EMT this summer.
  6. Nolan1992

    I think many will find this video funny

    I'm sure many have already seen it, for those who haven't here it is.
  7. Nolan1992

    Special needs tortoise

    I have a Cherry RF named Rafael who I received and I have had him for about three months. He had shell damage (indents on scute) and I also treated him for shell rot. I never received info on how or why he got like that but he is very young (not sure of exact age). He is 3 inches SCL and only...
  8. Nolan1992

    Anyone have opinions/experience with pac - man frogs

    I think those guys are so funny/cool to watch. Heard they're pretty basic to care for as well.
  9. Nolan1992

    Is this shedding normal?

    I've heard there are two types of shedding, one for growth and one that is bad. Can anyone tell me if this looks normal?
  10. Nolan1992

    Yearling Redfoot loves to burrow.....a little too much

    One of my two RFs has a passion for burrowing. The only problem is he can't see when his heat lamp comes on in the morning, causing him to sleep through the day. I always pull him out to eat and soak, but I feel like it's un-natural for him to wake up that way. Should I just let him be and see...
  11. Nolan1992

    Blue Tongue Skink breeder

    I am currently looking for a good Blue Tongue Skink breeder. I can't find any :( I am located in Florida.
  12. Nolan1992

    Question about foaming at the mouth

    Both my baby redfoot and sulcata were taken outside to graze today. My redfoot started foaming at the mouth along with my sulcata (not as badly as my redfoot though). Does this often happen due to over heating? I'm in Miami and it is much hotter than usual today. I have never seen this happen to...
  13. Nolan1992


    He has developed shell rot, is it too bad for me to treat it on my own or do I need to take him to a vet ???
  14. Nolan1992

    Weird spots on Hermanns tortoise??

    Can somebody tell me what these spots are??
  15. Nolan1992

    Can someone please help me out????? (xmas tree bin)

    I've been looking everywhere for one of those long and high smokey christmas tree storage bins type of things for my Hermanns tortoise, but I just can't seem to find one. Does anyone know where to get a good size bin like this? My tort is a little under 5 inches just to give you an idea. It...
  16. Nolan1992

    Can someone please give me an id on this?

    I know someone who rescued it and have no idea.
  17. Nolan1992

    Hello from Miami, Florida. Meet my tortoises :)

    My Baby Redfoots Milo and Rafaela and my Russian Bowser :)
  18. Nolan1992

    Question about new baby redfoot tortoises

    Hello everyone, I've had two baby redfoots for about a week now. I live in Miami and we have had great weather lately. If I keep close supervision, is it fine for me to take them outside for about 20 minutes every day to play in the grass? They are both about 3 inches.