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  1. TaylorTortoise

    homemade enclosures

    Hello all again, I would love to see ideas of homemade/ built enclosures by our lovely tortoise users. Anyone who is proud of their homemade enclosure and would like to share to help spread ideas please post below. I am trying to do a DIY enclosure and I need ideas. :-) Thank you everyone!
  2. TaylorTortoise


    Hello, What parts would I need to install it myself and hang two bulbs at the ceiling base of a wooden enclosure? Also, Are there head caps to prevent failure and falling of lighting? Preparing to make a handmade/ homemade enclosure for my two tortoises. we are debating to built/ make a double...
  3. TaylorTortoise

    Happy Birthday Mango!

    Mango went from just fattening up, to turning one years old this month! So proud of him! #gardenstatetortoise @HermanniChris
  4. TaylorTortoise

    Indoor enclosure 2 tier

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Matt wants to get me a two tier tortoise table indoors for both of our babies (tank, mango) do we know any reliable reputable people who design/ make two tier tortoise table enclosures? Kind of like this one? I need one that will ship to the US
  5. TaylorTortoise

    We were enjoying the outdoors today!

    Hope you guys enjoy these pictures from earlier. We had some fun outdoors today. Enjoying the spring breeze 💨 🌺 Also did some planting for the kiddos to graze and munch when things start to sprout and grow 🌱
  6. TaylorTortoise

    Sleeping Torts are the cutest

    It’s the way they sleep for the reason why I have a soft spot for these creatures. Adodable
  7. TaylorTortoise

    Garden State Tortoise (HERMANN'S ONLY)

  8. TaylorTortoise

    Mango + Tanks outdoor enclosure!

    We just made a temp outdoor enclosure for both the babies until they get a bit bigger! They are LOVIN’ the outdoors & their new set up for catching some rays while we sit out there with them for summer. Just need some sunshine to come our way.
  9. TaylorTortoise

    Update on Mango! Garden state tortoise

    Mango is getting so big! So proud of my baby ☺️
  10. TaylorTortoise

    Tank enjoying the sunshine today

    He really enjoyed being out today.
  11. TaylorTortoise


    Big boy is all sleepy. 😍
  12. TaylorTortoise

    Anyone else?

    Anyone else this obsessed with their animals that you go out of your way to honor them to be displayed in your room? Ps mangos head looks bigger than his body when I first got him 😂 now he’s almost the size of a true mango! Lol
  13. TaylorTortoise

    Being a good boy!!!!!

    caught mango drinking all of his water. Good boy. My russian tortoise forget it…. XD
  14. TaylorTortoise

    Eye spy with my little brown eye….

    ? turtle turtle
  15. TaylorTortoise

    Big boy

    Such a healthy growing boy! After baths he is rewarded with mazuri.
  16. TaylorTortoise

    Tortoise selfie!! ;P

    Im impressed with him every single day! Love you boy.
  17. TaylorTortoise

    Western Hermann’s are beauty. Post yours here :)

    Mango getting his bath. He hates being woken up for his daily baths. What a big boy! @gardenstatetortoise
  18. TaylorTortoise

    My baby is adorable ?

    Mango is getting so big. I adore him so much. Can’t wait for the nice weather to enjoy our new yard together.
  19. TaylorTortoise

    Mango is getting so big!

    Anyone else have updates on their western hermann from hermanni chris? @TisMary here are some pics.
  20. TaylorTortoise

    Hi everyone!!!!

    I disappeared for quite a bit… but I’m back!! Just moved into my first home with my now Fiancé. Had to get the torts adjusted, cameras set up etc. We are all quiet settled in. Can’t wait for the warmer weather so we can go for walks for some weeds and flowers and to get all the attention from...