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  1. jUMPSu1t

    First baby Russian! Where to go from here?

    Hello, everybody! After a wacky January clutch, we weren’t sure that even the one egg that chalked would make it. But after a way longer time than we thought, one of them hatched! I only found this out after I went to throw the eggs out (I’m a terrible tortoise mom, I know), so I’m not sure how...
  2. jUMPSu1t

    Crystal laid eggs in winter!

    Hello, everyone! Yesterday our female Russian tortoise, Crystal, laid two eggs, and we're wondering how much of a chance these ones have, especially considering they were laid in winter. We're following the advice we got after our first clutch failed, including more water in the incubator to...
  3. jUMPSu1t

    Dark lines forming on questionably fertile eggs...what's going on?

    I've seen a couple posts about these odd dark lines on tortoise eggs, but it seems nobody's figured them out, so I'll ask again. What are these lines, and do they have anything to do with the fact that these eggs seem to be duds? We've candled them and there seems to be a slightly darker area...
  4. jUMPSu1t

    Male Russian Tortoise has odd/maybe injured tail

    Hello, everyone! My ~7yo male Russian tortoise’s tail seemed to change lately, and I’m not sure if it’s a reason for concern or just a consequence of his reaching sexual maturity. I noticed today that the end of his tail, which normally had a little hook, has become more rounded. He doesn’t seem...
  5. jUMPSu1t

    Russian Tortoise Adorability Helpline!

    I give all of you loyal tortoise owners the gift of... Prism Frosting!
  6. jUMPSu1t

    Mite have some Problems

    We’ve been noticing some tiny, flying bugs zipping around our torts’ enclosure. We just changed our substrate (we have coconut husk) and the bugs are increasing. Is it a problem with the substrate? If you shake the coconut up, tiny bugs will fly out.
  7. jUMPSu1t

    Tortoises Scared of Breeding

    I’ve had my torts for 2yrs. now, and both seem reluctant to breed. They don’t really interact, but obviously we don’t know why. Everyone’s been waiting since their first spring to get a hatchling (I have a waitlist of people who want one) but nothing’s happening. Do I just need to wait?
  8. jUMPSu1t

    Tortoise Reactions to Thanksgiving

    Here you can post funny reaction vids of your tortoises reacting to Thanksgiving “dinners”. Here’s one to start you off:
  9. jUMPSu1t

    How should my tortoise’s poop look?

    I recently scooped up my tort’s poop and noticed it was a rust color, sort of like this. My torts have been eating sweet potatoes a lot lately, so I was wondering if that maybe factored into it? Anyway, I’m wondering if my tortoises are okay.