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    WC FL Elongated - just a moment ago...

    I went out to prep the enclosures for returning the kids that have been cooped up for the last couple of days inside and looky what I found! Incubated naturally. From the looks of it, it appears to...
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    Chinese Box Turtle yearlings and hatchlings

    Chinese Box Turtles (Cistoclemmys flavomarginata) for sale! 0.0.5 - 1.5 year old juvies 3-4" SCL @ $175/each + shipping (shown below) 0.0.3 - 3 - 6 month old hatchlings incubated at 30°C 1.25 - 1.5" SCL - $100/each + shipping Shipping for a single turtle ranges from $35 to $80. Purchase...
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    Testudo spp. for Sale

    I am thinning the ranks. Currently for sale: 1.2 T. g. ibera 4.25" - 5.5" SCL $550 shipped 1.1 T. marginata 6" - 7" SCL $800 shipped Links to pics below: Greek Top Greek Bottom Marginated Top Marginated Bottom
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    2.3 Adult Chinese Box Turtles

    2.3 Adult Chinese Box Turtles (Cistoclemmys [Cuora] flavomarginata) available. All are proven breeders and ravenous feeders on everything in sight - canned cat/dog food, moistened dry cat/turtle food, insects, earthworms, some fruits, veggies & steamed rootstock. $2200 for the group +...
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    Tortoises Seized in Madagascar

    196 Critically Endangered tortoises were seized at Ivato International Airport on the night of July 24. The group included 168 Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata), 27 Ploughshare Tortoises (Astrochelys yniphora) and one Spider Tortoise (Pyxis). Read more at...
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    NRBE Daytona Beach

    Just touching base to see how many of y'all are gonna get to see me! :cool:
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    When it rains, it pours

    I checked the incubator yesterday... There were 2 of these with 2 more on the way. There were 5 of these with 4 more cracka-lackin'. And last but not least, 15 of these cuties with a handful more waiting for the signal to burst forth from their calcareous confines. This one had already...
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    Security Warnings on Page Load

    Since the site reskinning took effect, I have been receiving 'you are about to view pages over a secure connection' warning dialogs on every page transition. I assume this is precipitated when the login validation occurs as part of the page load event. I realize that most folks disable the...
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    It's Mep Season in S. FL

    44 little calcareous globules of joy were dropped today. I gotta get them in the incubator. Pics & such to follow...
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    More Gatas!

    This is a sight I was pleased to have captured last week: More Gatas! Three eggs deposited. There are four more in the incubator dropped by another female two weeks earlier.
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    Forward-Looking Statements

    Blah, blah...check with your investment professional...blah, blah. The above is the typical "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" disclaimer and far be it from me to do so but... In the interest of adding content to this thread, I am hopeful that the P. planicauda egg mentioned a few...
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    Planicauda Incubation

    My plani dropped another egg. I have a 'formula' for brumation/incubation but would be interested in hearing from others that have successfully hatched these fellas. I have yet to get any to hatch (3 thus far). I have hatched brygooi successfully and am using the same regimen for the plani...
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    Just to balance the threads - GATAS!

    The three stooges here are much larger now and just plain ornery!:P Captive born Indotestudo elongata (Elongated Tortoise)
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    Mom & Pop

    This is a pic of the pair that produced the 47 Memorial Day memories (eggs). Pop is on the left, Mom on the right...
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    Tortophile from 2 miles west of the middle of nowhere...

    Greetings all, I'm not sure why I haven't stumbled upon this site before. I believe I am a member of almost every forum site this side of Jupiter. Any way, I'm here now. I have been interested in herps and a herp keeper for quite a while - I was born that way... I currently breed...