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  1. yaycolin

    Weed identification?

    Does anyone know what weed this is and if it is safe to feed?
  2. yaycolin

    Weed Identification

    Does anyone know what this weed is? Is it safe?
  3. yaycolin

    Fruitless Mulberry Tree

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a fruitless mulberry tree? I am having a hard time finding them available for sale. I tried calling a few local nurseries but none of them sell them. I did purchase some rooted cuttings off Instagram, but both of them have died out after about 2 months. Not...
  4. yaycolin


    Does anyone have any small grape vines that have been propagated and are available for sale?
  5. yaycolin

    Ball Python Eggs!

    Just wanted to share another project that I am currently working on. I breed ball pythons and while cleaning cages yesterday, one of the females laid a surprise clutch of eggs! She is a very small 3 year old female, but she laid 4 healthy eggs. The pairing was a double het Albino Pied x double...
  6. yaycolin


    Does anyone have any extra hibiscus leaves they are willing to sell and ship to me? I can't seem to find any in my area that aren't treated with pesticides.
  7. yaycolin

    Welcome to the Family - New Burmese Stars

    Hello all, I recently acquired 3 hatchling Burmese Star tortoises from @Markw84, as well as one of his smart enclosures! It was a pleasure doing business with Mark. His closed chamber smart enclosures are extremely well built and very aesthetically pleasing. I can tell he put a lot of work into...
  8. yaycolin


    I believe I have found some parasola plicatilis mushrooms in some of my indoor grass/weeds. I can't find much information on them and if they are toxic or not. Does anyone have any experience with these? I am going to assume they are toxic and I should throw away any plants that are growing in...
  9. yaycolin


    Hi everyone, just wanted to share a little project I am working on. I am attempting to grow some tortoise food indoors using a LED grow light. I don't have access to a yard or patio that receives sunlight, so this is the best way for me to be able to provide a varied diet. The light is 300w and...
  10. yaycolin

    Growing weeds/grass indoors

    I'm curious if anyone has any experience growing weeds and grass for their tortoise indoors? I live in an apartment and don't have access to a yard to gross fresh food, so I'm curious if it's possible to grow them indoors? If so, what exactly is required?