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  1. Odin's Gma

    Our last day with The Mighty Odin

    Thank you to the wonderful keeper (you know who you are) who has generously agreed to take our beloved Odin so we can get our lives together. I took some pictures for their sake so they know what they are getting into. he turned 3 years old in May of 2017, he is 14 pounds and he wouldn't let me...
  2. Odin's Gma

    Can someone please take Odin? -Sulcata, 3 years old

    I can't believe I am writing this, but I just can't do it right now. On the 28th of July of this year, I lost my middle son, the Marine, and my youngest (Odin's dad) is getting married in February. The original plan was for me to keep him until my youngest and his future wife got settled...
  3. Odin's Gma

    Agave Identification

    A couple of years ago I bought and started a pack of mixed, unidentified agave seeds. To my surprise, they sprouted! Back here: Gma's indoor winter gardening (and Sulcata brag) thread To my even greater surprise they are now adorable little plants but hopefully big enough to start...
  4. Odin's Gma

    Odin (sulcata) thinks spring is delicious!

    It's still early here in MN, (getting into the mid 60's when we are lucky) so there is nothing but grass and weeds, and Odin is completely okay with that! Soon we will be gardening and there will be so much more deliciousness for his. He has also put on a few pounds over the winter, literally...
  5. Odin's Gma

    So, our furnace crapped out (Minnesota Sully)

    Our furnace is old, possibly 40-ish years, and we knew it wouldn't last forever. I had them come out to look at it Monday because I just had a bad feeling about the way it sounded the last couple of weeks. Well, they red tagged it, which means no heat, no nothing until they could install a new...
  6. Odin's Gma

    Hi from Odin and Gma!

    Winter is not fun, but we are plugging along and eating everything green! Except the dress, that doesn't taste good.....
  7. Odin's Gma

    Gma's indoor gardening thread, winter #3 (Sulcata)

    We had our first frost last night, and we are due for another tonight, so it is getting a little cramped, and, as always, Odin is grumpy and hungry! I started bringing in the opuntia, and planted a few in the enclosure. I saw him eyeballing them, so I immediately ran upstairs to grab the camera...
  8. Odin's Gma

    Something new under my deck, ID please

    What is it and is it tort safe? I'm in MN
  9. Odin's Gma

    Rodents and birds in the playpen

    Over the last several day I have noticed a lot of unauthorized activity in the playpen, namely, a couple of cheeky little chipmunks that regularly run into his burrow, root around and leave; a tiny wren that has flown in there a few times (I bought a wren house and she seems happy with it so I...
  10. Odin's Gma

    "Fire" and fumes in our indoor greenhouse

    I will try and keep it brief. Here is a synopsis: I don't know if Odin clawed or bit through the undersoil heating element or if if shorted out or what, but it was slowly burning and melting the plastic mesh cloth we used to adhere the wire underneath the dirt in his indoor greenhouse. I don't...
  11. Odin's Gma

    Odin's playpen expansion

    It's still early, but it has been unseasonably warm, so we have been outside almost every day for the last week, and my little rusty hamster wheel is spinning! I have also started seeding and planting things that can handle a bit of cool weather, SO EXCITED! And, naturally, Odin is SO hungry...
  12. Odin's Gma

    Mushroom identification and safety

    I have a few mushrooms popping up in some of the greenhouse plants and planting trays, and although Odin doesn't have direct access to them, there is still a chance they will end up setting up residence up in his enclosure since I do regular transplants to try and keep up with his bottomless...
  13. Odin's Gma

    70 degrees in MN! Odin is NOT grumpy.

    For the first time since October Odin took a stroll in the sunshine, and boy was he ever happy! There is his happy face! And his excited face And his mischievous face And, of course, his content face His playpen is pretty sad looking at the moment and definitely insufficient for...
  14. Odin's Gma

    Odin says "I'm a big kid now!"

    Well, bigger anyway! Odin is one year and about 9.5 months old, and hit the two pound mark a couple months ago. He wouldn't let me weigh him today, too busy pooping and "hissing" at me for trying to clean him up with his toothbrush, but he is now taking his soaks in the container that he...
  15. Odin's Gma

    They're too sexy for these clothes

    STILL can't post in the articles section, so I thought this was suitable considering the content
  16. Odin's Gma

    Don't Buy Sulcata Tortoises - Giants Overwhelm U.S. Rescues

    I still can't post in the news and articles section, so here we go:,c9517362 Really interesting, thanks. But my sis and I have been saying that same thing for years, and all the...
  17. Odin's Gma

    Snapper skipping his brumation in MN

    For some reason I can no longer post in the articles thread, but I came across this local story: I'm curious what could cause a big snapper like this to some out of brumation during our bitterly cold winters...
  18. Odin's Gma

    Dual celebration snack for The Mighty Odin!

    Since his growth spurt started a few weeks ago I have been weighing him weekly and he is now just few grams short of the 2 pound mark at almost 20 months old. Also celebrating the fact that he did not poop in the sink during his weekly long soak/scrub/check-up. A tasty salad consisting...
  19. Odin's Gma

    oBest of the year, right year!

    I can no longer post in the news and articles section for some reason, but look who made Discovery channels best of 2015 blog! Garden State Tortoise's tort twins! @HermanniChris...
  20. Odin's Gma

    Growth lines, how pink is too pink?

    Odin was getting his bi-monthly soak & scrub (with a soft toothbrush) that I use to check him for general health and anything unusual. He had some loose stools that had a bit of odor, which was kind of expected since he had a bit of grated pumpkin with breakfast and just had a very long soak...