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  1. NEtorts

    Pancake female legs not working…..😳

    My female pancake is not moving around. She typically would hide for days. Come out only when nobody was around. Now she is staying in the same spot, wherever I place her. Still there the next day. But. She isn’t losing weight. Actually gaining few grams…. Looks healthy other than her legs...
  2. NEtorts

    Leopard tortoise egg excavation.

    I assume the tutorial will be old hat for most of you but I videoed it for some lesser tortoise fans. Still thought I’d share. she laid 17 eggs earlier this summer. In 2 clutches. None were fertile. Hopefully some of these are. fingers crossed
  3. NEtorts

    Question about incubation

    So my incubator does a pretty good job of keeping the correct temperature but the humidity always seems to be in the low to mid 90s I scrape the condensation off the inside of the door but I didn’t want the vermiculite to dry out completely. Where the eggs are bedded. question is should I put...
  4. NEtorts

    Leopard tortoise egg laying story

    Last night my 10-year-old female leopard tortoise. “Thor” decided to give us a clutch of 10 eggs. 3 1/2 weeks ago she laid and I did not know and ended up digging the nest up with my tractor. I saw her digging and checked after she left the nest site but I could not dig the ground with my...
  5. NEtorts

    Pancake tortoise laid an egg today!

    I totally was NOT ready! Had to rush an incubator Im hoping 2 days in the tortoise shed around 80 degrees will suffice until I get the incubator set up. one question for any of you out there..... how can I possibly keep track of her egg deposits if she decides to bury them? This one was on...
  6. NEtorts

    New/renovated tortoise shed

    Been working hard to create a new. Much larger indoor enclosure for my torts. my 18 year old Sulcata now has 300 sqft of indoor heated space. And my 8 year old Leo now has 100 sqft. Dirt floors, uvb, heat lamps, heat pads, mist king mister on auto, Indoor cement soaking pond. Plus. I have...
  7. NEtorts

    New pancakes today

    Picked up a couple, literary a couple, of pancakes today. Hope they enjoy their new enclosure. Male has been feeding already which is good news. Female seems much more shy.
  8. NEtorts

    What are the best UVB bulbs going right now?

    What are the best UVB bulbs going right now. Best bang for the buck. I have Leo’s and a sulcata. Thanks
  9. NEtorts

    Slight damage to corner of my Sulcatas carapace.

    My 17 year old sulcata, Oscar, has somehow damaged the corner of his carapace. I think it’s from his burrow. He has about a 10’ deep burrow with rocks down there and I think as he was digging he had trouble turning around and smashed the corner of his shell. It looks ok. Not to bad but I...
  10. NEtorts

    Help sexing my Leopard

    Hello everyone. Haven’t been on the forum for a long time. Have a Leo names Thor... kids named him when he was a ping pong ball size. [emoji51] Now he is about 7/8 years old. 9” or so long. (Slow growing due to he can only be outside 4-5 months a year.) And I’m thinking Thor May be a...
  11. NEtorts

    Looking to Re-locate my sulcata

    I am looking to relocate my 60 pound +/- sulcata tortoise. His name is Oscar and I have raised him from an ping pong ball sized hatchling. He was born at a tortoise farm in Cocoa Beach Florida in 2002. He is very happy and healthy where he is, (far north east) but, I know in my heart he...
  12. NEtorts

    Adult ready to breed yellow foot male.

    Now that it is warm enough in the northeast to ship .... I am offering up my adult yellowfoot male for sale. He is happy. Healthy. But lonely. Needs lady. Someplace warm year round preferably. The winters in his shed are long.... Best offer to a good home. Shipping is pricey so I will take...
  13. NEtorts

    Adult red foot for sale

    Sold to me as a female. Slight concave plastron but I believe to be female. About 12" very tame. Not shy. Great personality. Thinning heard.
  14. NEtorts

    getting torts to lay eggs.....

    Hi everyone.....haven't posted in a while but have been reading when I can.... my question do you folks that breed your torts, get them to lay where you can find the eggs? How do you know when, where,to look? I have tilled up some spots in outdoor enclosure and blended peatmoss and...
  15. NEtorts

    new tort shed and pen for sulcata

    hello folks, havent been posting much lately but i have been reading... been busy building my sulcata his own enclosure.... to big to be with others now, so he now has a 6X20 shed and a roughly 30x30 outdoor pen complete with a cement pond. pic below i have since added about 10 huge...
  16. NEtorts

    update on the death of my female greek Darby

    Hello everyone..... a couple weeks ago I had posted abt finding my egg laying female dead in the shed...thank you all for the condolences..... anyway, a couple days after finding that nightmare, I found an egg, perfect shape, in a tunnel that leads out to the grazing yard, (cant believe it...
  17. NEtorts

    tortoise passed last night :(

    happy fathers day/anniversary to me...... ya to my surprise my largest female greekDarby passed away...... I had no Idea, yesterday she was out walking around the yard nibbling on grass..... this morning I open the shed door and find and egg, stepped on maybe, crack on one end, and darby lying...
  18. NEtorts

    Need help ASAP with sexing these redfoots

    one of these is mine and I know the sex.....the other is a prospect to add to my herd with a claimed sex ... Which one is male and female....thanks for playing.........:D sorry the top pic is so little, it was an email
  19. NEtorts

    addition to my tort yard......some might think its creepy..

    here is a couple pics of my newest tort yard decor.... what do you think? mod feel free to move if needed:D i'll give some background if you want it and NO.... i'm not a grave robber!!!!:D
  20. NEtorts

    adult/subadult redfoot female wanted..

    I have an 11 inch male redfoot who is showing signs of "frustration" thought I may need to find him a sheila!! anyone on TFO with and extra female let me know.. wanted to check here first before looking at shows and KS. thanks in advance... chris