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    Shell Crack!!

    Hello! Shelly was getting her soak today when i noticed some weird marks on her shell. It looks like her skin is showing, sorry I don’t know how else to describe it. If anyone can please help me figure out what this is or if its hurting her, how can i help her? She has been growing a lot for the...
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    Lucy swallowed a screw!

    Hello everyone! I need as much advise and information everyone is willing to provide. This past Saturday, 2/5. I was soaking Lucy and I noticed her breathing was odd. Later that day, i noticed she had watery eyes and mucus running down her nose. I made an appointment with the vet immediately...
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    Sulcata Gender?

    Please meet Lucy! My spoiled baby. I’ve been calling Lucy a she for as long as I’ve had her. Today while i was scrubbing her bottom from the dirt and feces, I got a little surprise! It seemed like a long something. I put her down for privacy and it went back in. Haha. I’d love to get...
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    PLEASE HELP! (Sulcatas with MBD)

    I took 2 Sulcatas in today from an old friend who was looking to give them away. She acknowledged she isn’t able to care for them and they’ve been ignored for quite some time. Since I currently have my own Sulcata, I decided to take them in (temporarily) and see how i can help. When i picked...