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    Anyone else used this PowerSun H.I.D combo? Thoughts? getting this for my Russian tort. I really am looking for a lamp that heats and has all the other needs such as UVB. Anyone used this before? Does it seem okay?
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    Building an indoor enclosure for my 6mo Russian

    I’m building my own indoor enclosure for my baby Russian. Does the renderings look okay? Any suggestions? What temperature does the covered areas need to be? Do they like them colder or warmer? Any temperature ranges that are best?
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    Baby Russian Tort Water Dish?

    im getting my 6 month old Russian soon and have been looking for water dishes. I’ve seen that Plant saucers seem to work the best, but I want something that’s safe for my little buddy. How does this look? are the dementions okay? If anyone has any links to ones they’ve used for a baby tort...