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    Cats and Tortoises

    How big is your Tort? Kittens (and grown) will try to bat the tort around. My cats don't bother my Guys at all. You do need to cover your tort enclosure as you don't want the cat to use it as a litter box. And, until you can judge the interaction between the two - you need to be watching...
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    New Destructive Sulcata Picture

    Maybe they were putting in a new bathroom and nosy Tort just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
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    Curtis has gone missing

    Fantastic - so glad for you and him.
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    Curtis has gone missing

    Have you really looked close at the ground to see if he has burrowed down? I have had my 3 - 12 to 14" - dig down and leaving the top soil/grass looking like it was not touched. If it is that cold - he might have dug down to get warm. What kind of fence surrounds the area? Wood, Chainlink...
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    Safe Ground cover

    Tasting and Eating are two different things. Depending on where you read about both types of plants - Monkey Grass and Spider Plants - some articles say either, or both, can be toxic to "Animals", others say they are not.
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    Safe Ground cover

    Do the Tort's eat the Spider Plants and Monkey Grass?
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    Giant torts in LA?

    Los Angles, CA should have Period's between L.A.. Louisiana - LA.
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    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    3 Sully's - pets, and 4 wild Easter Box that are in for Rehab - Hit by cars
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    Leopard Growing Slowly

    Tort's are just like any other living thing, including Humans. Even Siblings can grow at different rates - some have growing spurts, others grow a little each year. As long as the "Runt" appears healthy - eating, active, etc, I wouldn't worry about it. As others have written - watch out for...
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    Something the Vet said.....

    I think 20% is a high figure. Is your Vet taking that % from the ones that come into his clinic, or Wild Born, Store bought??? if from his Clinic - many owners don't know when it is almost too late to even save a Tort. Most Tort's are bought from Pet Shops especially when the Kid's see a Tort...
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    Tortoise staying awake and active all night?

    OR, maybe he just likes "Tormenting" his Owner. Even Tort's need to have some fun.
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    Tortoise staying awake and active all night?

    Yes on the Coconut oil should do the trick - if not, at least he smells good.
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    Tortoise staying awake and active all night?

    Does Murphy stay in your room all the time? Or, just at night/cold weather? I used to have a cream made for rubbing on/into their shell (can't find the name now) for Dry shell. Also, "mite off" spray if inside with the dry heat from heater. It works well to moisten shell and skin and kill...
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    Should I try to force feed

    Tort's, like us and any living thing, can go a good while without food, But they (and us) need to be hydrated. Dehydration will shut down the Digestion system & and other body systems. If you force food and he is de-hydrated - it will do more harm than good. I know nothing about Reptoboost...
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    Substrate to improve drainage in large outdoor enclosure

    I've tried that but the pasture next to the enclosure is much higher and slops down toward the Tort's. If it "ever" dries enough, I am putting wood planks to redirect any water run-off. I have them inside now (they have a room of their own inside) as temps went from 70's to 20's within 24...
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    safe fertilizer..

    I would love some and be glad to pay shipping/postage. I'm in Louisiana.
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    Substrate to improve drainage in large outdoor enclosure

    I live in "Rainy" Louisiana. My outside enclosure for 3 - 20++lbs Sulcata's (Curly, Larry and Moe) is 10' X 30'. After some yard and house work, their area holds water after heavy rains. Bottom is dirt. I need something (Mulch??) to raise the bottom Level. I thought that you shouldn't...