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    Does this work as a good substrate for a hermanni tortoise ?
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    Tortoise having eyes closed

    Hi, my tortoise is having her eyes closed all the time for roughly a week now , i read it could be dehydration so i soaked her and when i put her in water she opens her eyes and keeps them open till she sleep,when she wakes up, she closes her eyes again , apart from that everything looks normal...
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    So my Greek girl been sleeping all day yesterday and still now , she was active the day before and suddenly she went into deep sleep , the weather is a somewhat colder but not the point where i think she should hibernate (roughly 18 C) . I was wondering if it's normal for her to do that or not...
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    Is UVB lamp dangerous

    so i have my tortoise in my room , she has some space on the floor with sand and everything and i was wondering if it would be okay to buy a UVB lamp or it would be harmful for me as I am sitting in the same room