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  1. J

    Small white bugs?

    So I’ve just been changing my Russians food when I noticed small white bugs crawling all over the slate (about 10 of them, super hard to see). Checked under his water bowl and there’s quite a few there too. What could these be? Can’t see them in pictures as I’ve tried but I’m really concerned.
  2. J

    Soil substrate - is this okay?

    Hi all! Part of the outdoor enclosure for my horsefield will have topsoil, is this stuff any good? This is literally all that is written (image attached) Thanks!
  3. J

    Tortoise enclosure - safe against birds?

    Hi all! So I’m purchasing a bigger version of the attached picture and doing a bit of landscaping where it’s gonna go. Only concern is I live on the coast, do you think seagulls or other birds will spot the tortoise and be able to get through this wire? I’d hate to think he was in any sort of...
  4. J

    Outdoor tortoise enclosure

    Hi all! So we have a back yard with no grass (and live near the sea so lots of gulls) so letting the tortoise have the whole yard just isn’t on the cards. I’ve found a few online, but I’m really unsure on what to fill it with. I was thinking of growing actual grass within the enclosure...
  5. J

    Top of tortoises head

    Hi all My tortoise fully extended his neck to have a smell around the garden and I noticed this red patch on the top of his head, is this normal?
  6. J

    Russian tortoise potentially hurt?

    Hi guys Im extremely ashamed to have to be writing this. I was transporting my tortoise from his little daily bath after drying him off into his enclosure and he has fallen from my hand onto carpet from around 4ft. When he dropped, he sat for a few seconds and then started walking, then when...
  7. J

    Lighting shade

    Hi all! I’m placing some LED lighting strips around the enclosure (6000K) and I want to create some shade patches in case the lighting is too intense, would anyone have any recommendations on what to use to create these areas?
  8. J

    LED lighting strips??

    Hi all Thinking about getting “6000k LED light strips” on Amazon just to brighten up the tortoise enclosure I have. Would these be recommended by you guys? Link attached Onforu 15M Dimmable Strip Lights, 6000K Daylight White Tape Lights, Ultra-Long Ribbon Lights, Lighting Strips with 12V Safe...
  9. J

    Lighting shade

    Hi all About to put 5000K led strips around my enclosure to give some more daylight style lighting… what could I use for shade? Can’t really find any plants big enough, any advice would be great
  10. J

    Adding another tortoise?

    Hi all! I’m considering getting another baby tortoise, ours is around a year old now. Does double the tortoise mean I’d need double the space?
  11. J

    Coco coir twitching?!?!

    I swear I’m not crazy… hear me out ? I’ve just sprayed down my tortoise table with water, and the coco coir seems to be twitching/moving ever so slightly??? Like moving ever so slightly, is it just drying up or could I have springtails that are reacting to the water that I just can’t see??
  12. J

    Strange movements?

    Hi all! My horsefield is doing this thing where he moves his two front legs forward and backwards plus his head simultaneously. He does it every now and then, just wondering if anyone has seen this behaviour before and what it means?
  13. J

    Swollen eyes or normal?

    Hi all My baby horsefield seems to have swollen eyes, however this could be something that I’ve only just noticed and I’m really showing my new parent alertness! ? the picture I’ve attached isn’t my tortoise as I can’t get a good enough photo of my little guys eyes, however they’re pretty much...
  14. J

    LED strips

    Hi all I’m popping some LED strips around the inside of my tortoise table (inside but very top) would this be appropriate? I’m aware it has to be 5000K
  15. J

    Solar meter 6.5

    Hi all! does anyone have a spare that they’d be willing to sell? I can’t quite afford £250 at the moment, don’t want to move the little fella into his new setup until I know it’s safe:) (Located in the U.K.)
  16. J

    Arcadia pro T5 12%

    Hi all! Just ordering the above for my baby horsefield tortoise now. How long do you guys keep yours on for per day and how high from the tortoise should you hang it? If anyone has any pictures or advice on how to hang them too I’d love to hear, I have a tortoise table and I’ve been racking my...
  17. J

    Tortoises enclosure lighting

    Hey everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I’m in the process of setting up a new tortoise table as thanks to the care sheet I’ve found out that mine just isn’t suitable, thank goodness I found you all now as I’ve only had the little one a month! I have everything ready, to...
  18. J

    Horsefield lighting LED’s

    Hi all! To brighten up Sullys table I’m planning on using “warm white” 5000K coloured LED strips on the inside very top of the table. (Just regular off of eBay) Will these be okay? I don’t want the lights to be too intense for him!
  19. J

    Horsefield tortoises flood light

    Hi all! baby tortoise currently has a home size of 150cm x 70cm, just looking at getting an incandescent flood light that will warm this size enclose, any ideas on wattage? It’s replacing my Arcadia D3
  20. J

    Horsefield tortoise lighting

    Hi all! And a very merry Christmas to you all! I currently have a mercury basking light on my tortoise table, and I’ve been very kindly told by you guys they aren’t recommended! SO! I’m on a mission to get the correct lighting. What exactly do I need? My enclosure size is 150cm X 70Cm. The...