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  1. Tom

    Introduction To The Burmese Star Tortoise

    I've been wanting to do this thread for a long time... This species has become one of my all time favorites, and for good reasons! The purpose of all of my ramblings that follow are primarily intended to showcase how great this species is and why its a better species for most people than most...
  2. Tom

    Burmese Stars For Sale... again...

    I had a few hatch, and they are now ready to go. Soaked daily, fed everything, growing nicely. These babies are from four different moms and five males, and clutches from two more different moms are due to hatch next month. Price is $800 each, and I offer volume discounts for groups. You can...
  3. Tom

    108% Hatch Rate?

    You read that correctly. 108%. How is that possible, you might ask? Well I will tell you... Last year, most of my Burmese star clutches had a 100% hatch rate. I hatched a total of 84 of them from 9 clutches out of five females, and only 4 eggs didn't hatch. 2 from one clutch didn't hatch, one...
  4. Tom


    Anyone else taking a more serious look at electric cars? .04 cents a mile IF you have to pay for the electricity. Free if you have solar (I do) or if you can get free charging while parked at work. .25 cents a mile on average for an average gasoline powered sedan in a state with average current...
  5. Tom

    Reason 562 To NOT Let Your Tortoise Roam Loose In The House

    Friend sent me this:
  6. Tom

    Hydrodynastes gigas

    AKA: False water cobra. My co-worker has had a male adult FWC for years, and is constantly telling me how great they are. I agree with him and I've been casually looking for one for a few months now. Some friends attended the Pomona reptile show this last weekend and sent me this picture: It...
  7. Tom

    Picture Perspective

    I found this picture on the web and thought I'd share it. Its one thing to talk about a 500 pound tortoise. Its quite another thing to see one in person and experience the size first hand. This picture offers some perspective, I think. Probably a small horse, but still...
  8. Tom

    More Platynota Babies Hatching!

    They are doing it again. 100% hatch rate on the first clutch of the season, and two other clutches have also started pipping now too.
  9. Tom

    New LED UV Light #1

    ZooMed came out with a new LED UV lamp. It costs about $170, but it makes strong UV and should last a long time. They are using Japanese made precision LEDs that give off light in just the right spectrum for out reptiles to use for D3 production, and there are some other LEDs built in to it for...
  10. Tom

    Vendor Review For "Inland Bearded Dragons"

    I found Denise in an online ad, talked to her through text several times, and decided to get my dragon from her. I have seen Denise and her booth at some of our local reptile shows. My daughter accompanied me on the 60 mile trip, and we had a great time. Denise had many well started juveniles to...
  11. Tom

    Will @Kapidolo Farms told me about this company a couple of years ago. I gave them a try and I've been using them ever since. I primarily use them for discounted shipping labels, but Debbie, the owner, always takes my calls and gives me terrific advice about how best to ship, when to avoid...
  12. Tom

    Game Changing Information on Wild Caught Trade

    I was sitting in a hotel room passing time when these two videos popped up on my Youtube feed. We see so many lies about "wild caught" animals furthered by political groups with an agenda, and we've been seeing and hearing it for so long, that we don't even know the truth of the matter. I was...
  13. Tom

    More Sudan Sulcatas

    I have a bunch of baby Sudan sulcatas hatching. All are soaked daily, fed everything, and started in warm humid closed chambers. Price is $150 each. Volume discounts available. I can ship anywhere in the USA. Only one egg in this clutch didn't hatch, and the babies look superbly healthy and...
  14. Tom

    Burmese Stars

    I have dozens of little Burmese stars that are ready to go to new homes. I have some that are 5-6 months old and over 140 grams, some that hatched two weeks ago, and everything in-between. All are soaked daily, fed everything, and started in warm humid closed chambers. Price is $800 each. Volume...
  15. Tom

    Mulberry Tree Cultivation Attempt #2

    Last year I attempted to grow some new mulberry trees from cuttings. It didn't work at all. Not one of them grew at all, despite following all of the info I found on you tube. I'm trying again this year, on a smaller scale with some changes. Thought I'd share the changes with you. I planted the...
  16. Tom

    Need Another ID

    Can anyone help me ID this one?
  17. Tom

    Who Wants a Dozen Burmese Stars?

    I'm having a great year for platynota. I've gotten 100% hatch rates from 4 out of 5 clutches, and many more are incubating now and due to hatch soon. All of them are particularly robust and healthy this year too. All are eating everything in sight, growing well and thriving. I have babies from...
  18. Tom

    How Do Babies Spend Their Time?

    For over a decade, I've been advocating the "monsoon" style of raising babies. Even for species that are reported to come from drier areas. In multiple side-by-side comparisons with clutch mates, it is overwhelmingly obvious that all babies of all tortoise species benefit from daily soaks, humid...
  19. Tom

    South Florida Plant

    Can anyone ID this one?
  20. Tom

    Young Sulcata Looking For A New Home

    A friend of mine has come to the difficult decision that giving her tortoise up for adoption would be the best thing for him. This guy has been vey well cared for, soaked daily and living in a large closed chamber. He's been fed a huge variety of weeds and leaves and all kinds of good foods...