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    misc. unused items for sale

    I have some items I am trying to clearance heat emitters $16.00 ea 1-150 w and 3-100w coco coir three brick packs $5.00 ea The redfoot manual by mike pingleton $20.00 ea I have six p.m me or email me if interested, thanks
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    What are you listening to?
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    What are you listening to?

    hello and thank you professor nealio[hr] http://[hr] http://[hr][hr][hr][hr]...
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    What are you listening to?[hr] http://
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    Baby turtles/Tortoises less than 4"

    The "four inch rule" is enforced. The sad part is, that the punishment is to kill the animals. So if a pet store is selling 3.5 inch tortoises and gets caught they can recieve a small fine and have ten days to destroy the animals in the presence of a federal game officer, not sure who the winner...
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    North east reptile events

    Thanks for pointing that one out, I forgot about the long island show, I will be there I am also hoping to make the new hampshire show.
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    North east reptile events

    I'll see ya both there!!
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    North east reptile events

    Heres another great one for all you east coast herp heads!! Hudson Valley Reptile Expo
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    Vikki from PA

    welcome to the forum
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    Irene Victims!

    standing by in NJ should get hit sunday.
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    North east reptile events

    Here are some of the upcoming reptile shows in the northeast Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Oaks, PA August 27th, 2011 September 24, 2011 November 12, 2011 Read more...
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    silicone for the wooden and plastic based habitat

    RE: cilicone for the wooden and plastic based habitat In my experience this is not a good idea the silicone will eventually come free from whatever surface it was adhered to, torts will sample eat it, early on I tried using silicone but quickly decided to remove it. Your best bet will be some...
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    Another leopard size comparison...

    excellent comparison, wow that is one good looking leopard tortoise
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    Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet discussion thread

    RE: Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet Nice job Neal
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    Wow thats a great pic, pretty funny also lol
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    New Platynota

    That is one sweet looking group you have there Jeff !!
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    Finally Got a Tortoise

    Welcome to Tfo Matt !!
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    New member-Hermann's Tortoise

    Welcome to TFO!
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    Hanging out in the sun

    Nice pics Gb
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    As always Greg great pics and another wonderful animal!