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    Local substrates- ecoscraps?

    Hi, hubby finally made my table for my cherries! Need about 3 cu ft to fill it. Cant find just dirt. Have been using coco coir, but expensive for large amount. Saw Ecoscraps- listed as coir, friut/veggie compost? Heard of this??
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    My baby died!!!!

    I dont know what happened to my girl, she went very quickly. I posted last week that I thought she might have respiratory infection, but she didnt have eye/nasal discharge. Just an incident of foaming after being in tub. I'm worried about my other 4, but they all seem fine and are either...
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    Help! Respiratory infection????

    I have noticed some things with one of my cheryhead hatchlings. She is about 6 months old and 71g today. Two weeks ago she was 85g!! I had been weighing the torts (5 cherries) every 2-3 days when I soak them, and she had been steadily gaining. Had company and didnt soak or weigh so often. :(...
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    Cherries, crabs and conventions

    So I went to a reptile convention yesterday. Was a bit disappointed- mostly snakes. Only 6 torts found- 2 pyramided sullys, a nice big male red foot, and 3 juvie cherries. I thought about getting another cherry but mine are way prettier than the ones at the show :D And their plastrons looked...
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    Need help with enclosure for cherry heads

    So I have 2 four month old cherries on hold. Hope to get by end of month. I do plan on getting a couple more as well. ;-) I am having a hard time figuring out what type enclosure to use for them. I currently have a 55 g and 40 g tanks available. I have been scouring for a rubbermaid tub type...
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    I put a deposit on 2 cherries!!!!

    I am so excited!! I can't get them for awhile due to weather (Im in CO). But I am planning indoor enclosure and am inspired to garden for my guys! I have seen the list of plants but if anyone from CO region has suggestions on what would grow nice here, I am all ears. For those of you in a dry...
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    Q's on buying red foot/cherryhead

    Hi guys, my tortoise quest has been pushed back a bit- I got a beardie, then adopted a tiny beardie with MBD. She is taking up my time and $ right now. So part of my reasoning on the cherry head (other than they are gorgeous!) is they should be able to eat the same salad as my beardies...
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    New and looking for a tortoise

    Hello all! My name is Missi and I have been lurking here for awhile. My husband and I are looking for a tortoise, most likely a cherry head. I do have some questions but will be doing some more searching on here and post them later. Thanks!