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    misc. unused items for sale

    I have some items I am trying to clearance heat emitters $16.00 ea 1-150 w and 3-100w coco coir three brick packs $5.00 ea The redfoot manual by mike pingleton $20.00 ea I have six p.m me or email me if interested, thanks
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    North east reptile events

    Here are some of the upcoming reptile shows in the northeast Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Oaks, PA August 27th, 2011 September 24, 2011 November 12, 2011 Read more...
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    The Iguana Project

    Well I'm over budget and behind schedule but I am almost done building Spazz's enclosure. by the end of today I shold have his jungle gym installed and lighting wired, And then its move in time.:D And here he is patiently waiting, lol:)
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    So here is bruiser almost a month younger than john and tipping the scale at 63 grams, he was originally in the group that is still looking for good homes but I can not resist keeping him for myself, I have to admit it is going to be hard to see these guys go. shipped out two last night and they...
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    So here is john, hathced mid April and is now 59 grams! :D:D:D
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    L.t. trangulum x L. t. elapsoides

    Yes the elusive " coastal plains" milk snake........ My cousin caught one last week, I will try to post pics, its kinda hard though cause he is old school I.e no computer or cell phone, I will have to scan his pics in to mine and post. Anyway we are returning to the spot today with my camera so...
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    A very interesting page

    In Stigmochelys pardalis babcocki especially there is a wide spectrum of average and maximum sizes,colorations, and color patterns within its distribution range. Specimens from some regions (i.e the northern and southernmost ends of the range) may,for example, be up 300% larger than those of the...
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    East Coast Reptile Super Expo

    saturday june 25 at the greater philadelphia expo center oaks p.a. 9:00 am till 4:30 pm :cool:
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    growth comparison pics

    The tortoise closest to you is the tortoise on the left in the second pic. my how things change both have lived together under the excact same conditions since early october when I got them, the larger is 205 grams the other is 64 :):):):cool:
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    Hawaiian John (here they are corey)

    Here are some pics of the guys that are spoken for already. JOHN these guys are all named neal until they reach thier new homes. :D:D:D:D:D:D:cool:
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    hawaiians invade new jersey

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    mass. tornado

    Anyone heard from Coreyc? he has not posted since the day before the tornados ripped trough his niehborhood.
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    I have begun to wonder what effects the pollen from toxic plants and trees may have on tortoises kept outdoors during the heavy pollen season, does anyone know of any studys on this topic?
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    LOL, just kidding.
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    Young trailblazers put call out for assistance

    84 today, the jersey hoard still has its hands full cutting out trails, hope help arrives soon.:D:D :D:cool::cool:
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    A couple of my recent visitors

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    Hybrid breakfast

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    Pardalis Pardalis

    Out of curiosity does anyone out there have any gpp that are from adults or that are adults that are documented and proven to be from south africa?
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    free to good home

    I have this container of grassland tort food my torts wont eat its 60 oz and free just pay shipping.
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    Examples of growth rate

    The largest and mid size tortoise are eight months, the smallest is five, they all live together under the same exact conditions.