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  1. Oldbattleaxe

    Hatchling With Underbite

    Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to ask if anyone has experience with a tortoise with an underbite. Our first hatchling (08-22-21) has an underbite and I’ve filed it down twice. First time with a very fine Emory board, and again today with a fine file. I imagine he’ll need it done regularly for the...
  2. Oldbattleaxe

    Thank you, Tortoise Forum!

    i Posted the first picture here in 2017. It shows a few of my little reds in their newly built enclosed chamber. I would never have known to build it if not for you guys. Those 8 little girls grew up and began hiding eggs everywhere this year. The second picture is some of their offspring in the...
  3. Oldbattleaxe

    Sex my herd ,

    its Been so long since I posted, I hope I can remember bow to do this.
  4. Oldbattleaxe

    ID please?

    found this fellow on Craig’s List. I suspect he’s a Texas Tortoise, and there’re protected.
  5. Oldbattleaxe

    Sulcata sighting

    I was just watching an interesting video on YouTube called, '6 Must try Japanese Dishes' in which the fellow touring Japan runs across a Sulcata wearing a diaper out for a stroll thru the city. The encounter is about 10 minutes in.
  6. Oldbattleaxe

    Getting Close To The Finish Line

    With a blazing sun, a cloudless sky, and only a 10% chance of rain, I decided today was the day to tackle the dreaded Flex Seal. I managed to get the first coat in the third (and last!) long box, and the bottom half inch in the 4'x4' mini yard I've been building for the little redfoots. There...
  7. Oldbattleaxe

    Reservoir for tortoise safe water

    between the humidifier, large misting pump-bottle, and the water bowls, I found myself mixing up a 1-2 gallon batch of tortoise safe water every other day. Here is my attempt at a solution, (pun intended). I"ll let you guys know how it works out over the next few days. Basically, I want a...
  8. Oldbattleaxe

    Humidity Upgrade on Long Box Build- Pic Heavy

    Howdy folks. Two of the three long boxes are done (I think) except for the glass fronts. Until the third box is complete, and the glass doors installed, they are little more than tortoise tables. I needed a way to keep the humidity up, so I did a little research on YouTube. Here's what I was...
  9. Oldbattleaxe

    Mighty Hunters?

    I figured when I added nightcrawlers yesterday, that if any came to the surface, they would run the risk of becoming redfoot snacks. I has no idea the reds would actively dig them up.
  10. Oldbattleaxe

    Has anyone tried...

    Does anyone have any experience with this filter? I'm thinking of ordering it for the pool in the redfoot long box build. It will run in 2 inches of water, the one at my LPS needs 4.5 inches of water, too deep for my guys.
  11. Oldbattleaxe

    I need an app..

    I need an app that will allow me to keep pics and info of each of my torts. I've been keeping tabs on weight on 3x5 cards, but recently lost a few of them and didn't have back-ups. Does anyone know of an app that will let me keep various info and pics on my iPad, so I can always have a back-up.
  12. Oldbattleaxe

    Slowly but Surely

    Slowly but surely the long box project is coming along. I'm trying to finish the bottom box first, it's for the redfoots, and I'm sealing the bottom with flex-seal, and up the inside 6". Unfortunately, flex-seal, which I was so excited to try, makes me physically ill. I'm gonna put in one more...
  13. Oldbattleaxe

    ID, please?

    I was offered 1.2 Russians, and one of the girls turned out to be not a Russian, and possibly not a girl! I'm thinking Eastern Hermanns?
  14. Oldbattleaxe

    Not Quite Cherry

    You guys know I've been hunting for Cherryheads, but yesterday, I had the chance to buy 4 little redfoots. I very nearly passed on them, but I was told that they've been fed exclusively on kale, and that decided me. I brought them home and put them in the yard while I threw together a 50 gal...
  15. Oldbattleaxe

    Just a Quick Update

    just a quick update on My daughter's sulcata, Sophie and my little Slagathor. When we picked him up on the 15th last month he was a dehydrated little bean, only weighing 57g to Sophie's 52g disputed being 7 months older. A little over two weeks later, he's soared to 74g and is already visibly...
  16. Oldbattleaxe

    looking for plans, but coming up dry...

    I've been keeping Sophie and Slagathor in large Ag tubs, but now that I'm shopping for 8-10 Cherryhead hatchlings, I need to build a multi-level enclosed hatchling-yearling furniture thing. I've been searching the forum and Pinterest, and forums, etc. trying to find plans and pics...
  17. Oldbattleaxe

    Gonna try dehydrating cactus (Pic Heavy)

    Ok. First I diced up the cactus, and I did it because I always dice it for the babies, but perhaps larger pices would have been ok. I used a chopper my mother gave me, she got if from QVC, but you can probably find something similar at Walmart. I got about 2.5 cups from a small bowl of pads. I...
  18. Oldbattleaxe

    Voracious Appatite

    Sophie ALWAYS eats the stamina and pistle first.
  19. Oldbattleaxe

    Barely Two Ounces...

    Barely two ounces and already dropping massive yard bombs. Oh why couldn't he have done this in his tub on paper towels so I could send it off to the vet?!?
  20. Oldbattleaxe

    Craigslist Baby

    I've been searching for Cherryheads, and keeping my eye on craigslist for SouthTexas. I saw this little pyramided sulcata baby a couple of weeks ago, and decided to buy him if no one else did. Yesterday we made the drive up the state,(about 2.5 hrs) and picked him up. The owner had purchased him...