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  1. CLMoss

    Growing Cactus Pads

    I started these pads around the beginning of the year. Note that I waited a week of so for the cut edge to dry and then started to lightly water. This is the way I grow cactus pads in my area... ~C
  2. CLMoss

    Winter Orchids

    Here are a few of the orchids that I have in-bloom at this time. All but one are species. If anybody is interested in growing orchids it their home, I would be happy to help you. Just ask question I am here to help. All of my orchids are grown on windowsill. And are out-of -doors in the...
  3. CLMoss

    Help! Star Hatchling Needs Help!

    Please help Bogart with his Star Hatchling! He needs info about baby food soaks. ~C
  4. CLMoss

    Stats for Becky & River

    [/size][size=medium] OK, new photos and stats on Becky & River. Plastron size 8/2/12 to 12/7/12 and grms. Becky's plastron size today is 3" and she weight in at 176 grams. She is .5" larger with a gain of 84 gms since Aug 2nd of this year. Becky was one year old on 11/22/12. River's...
  5. CLMoss

    Mac Laptops

    Apple MacBook Pro MD104LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION) Hi, I am still trying to decide what to do about buying a new laptop. What do you think about this laptop? Thanks, C
  6. CLMoss

    fir bark & coconut for substrate

    In the past I was able to help one of the members find good fir bark. I am an orchid grower, and I have used large quanties of this stuff. I buy my fir bark at I beleive that the fir bark cost $15 per cubic food and the coconut cost $22.00 per kilo bale, they have other media...
  7. CLMoss

    Thriving Pets Meds for cats-dogs-horses

    Sadly I found the website: last March when my six year old kitty was diagonosed with Chronic Renal Failure. This site has a number of meds, vits, etc. sold at the fraction of the price that one would pay for at the vets office. The first vet that I brought Kiki to charged...
  8. CLMoss

    lap top computers...

    Hi, I am thinking about buying a new laptop computer. There are so many different brands of computers that I am lost! What would you recommend? I would just need it for; emails, or viewing websites and saving photos. I guess that I would like something that is not too expensive, maybe $500...
  9. CLMoss

    Becky and River

    [/size] I took a few (not so great) photos of Becky and River, my S.L. Stars. Becky was hatched 11-21-11 and River 2/16/12 (I have to check my records).
  10. CLMoss

    I picked up River today!

    Hi, I went to vist Larry G. today to pick up my little River! River's hatch date was 2/20/12 and Becky's hatch date was 11/22/11. Note the size difference. Becky is only three months older than River. I think that he will be a lighter SL Star. Thanks, Claudia
  11. CLMoss

    Becky is home!

    Hi, I picked up Becky on Sunday and met Larry G. This was a wonderful experience for me because, I don't know anybody with a tortoise! I live in Brooklyn, NY! The only tortoises that I have seen were a few from time to time at a pet store and the one that I owned. In spite of my...
  12. CLMoss

    Baby Becky my SL Star.

    Hi, Well, tomorrow is the big day! I am picking up my Becky. I am really excited and nervous about caring for such a young baby (hatch date was November 22). Her enclosure is ready; heat, lighting, hide, food, etc. However, my biggest concern is over night tempeture. My house is set...
  13. CLMoss

    Baby SL Star coming home soon!

    This is my baby SL Star "Becky." She will be home with me in a few weeks. I will have lots of questions! LOL! Thanks, C
  14. CLMoss

    Oil Painter

    Hi, My website: Or you can check out some of my oil paintings on face book. Claudia Lynn Moss, I will friend you! Thanks, ~C
  15. CLMoss

    Hi, New to forum.

    Hi, I just lost my Indian Star after having him for many years... I am sick over my loss. I need this forum in regards to why he passed, and to learn more about Stars. Also, I would like to buy another Star; however, I am worried about baby Stars and their mortality rate. Most of the rep...