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  1. Hzwolun

    It is safe to feed those plants?

    are they good nutrition also? i have a lot in my backyard thanks :D
  2. Hzwolun

    Hello all

    Never got a chance to introduce myself, Warren here I love reptiles tortoises&turtles are my favs, I really enjoy watching them move very slowly on everything(Kinda like me xD) I can put some relaxing music on and watch them all day long ahahaha! here is my reptile room and a few pictures I...
  3. Hzwolun

    Difference between home depot cypress mulch vs petco/pet smart cypress mulch?

    The price is like x5-10 more Need help with substrates I guess I been using the petco ones since forever
  4. Hzwolun

    Looking for Albino Sulcatas(any age) and Sri Lankan star(female only) tortoises

    title, legitmate breeder/seller only thx
  5. Hzwolun

    Florida box/Gulf coast box/Leopard/Russian tortoises up for trade

    they are all cute hatchlings between 2-3inches Russians are adult 5inches+ message me for which want to trade Can meet in VA/MD/Washington DC
  6. Hzwolun

    Looking for a Female Sri Lankan star to buy or trade for male Sri Lankan star tortoises

    Thanks, Prefer to meet in person. VA/MD/DC thanks! ask me for pics or videos thanks
  7. Hzwolun

    Any Reptile show worth going to?

    At East coast area, Prefer VA, Maryland/Washington DC I went to Mananss fairground reptile show(Which was mainly snakes) I am interested in turtle/tortoises of course Thanks
  8. Hzwolun

    Looking for Breeder

    Any breeder around VA, MD, or Washington DC? please
  9. Hzwolun

    Trade turtles/tortoises

    List of turtles/torts for trade 3 adult African side neck turtles 2 Florida boxes 1 gulf coast box hatchlings 2 Russian torts 1male 1 female. pm me for pictures! willing to drive less than 1-2hour to meet halfway. VA/MD/DC prefer.
  10. Hzwolun

    Cheaper way to keep temp warm during winter?

    Just curious, cause right now I have about 500w's total light bulbs (UVA/UVB) turned on every 10-12hours a day. The House heater keeps the house around 72, the gallons tank temp is around 75-80ish f. Idk how much the power bill will be also..
  11. Hzwolun

    So cute! I love my torts

    and photography <3
  12. Hzwolun

    Where I can find local people who share the same interest as me

    Like a Tortoises/Turtles club or something Thanks
  13. Hzwolun

    Help please, box turtle dying

    Well, he/she came to me as a weak baby, I was trying to save him/her by keeping the indoor enclosure temp between 28-31 degrees. I also used reptile vitamin and reboost+. Today when I got back the box turtle was bleeding?(not sure) the plastron was always caved in, he/she is not active like...
  14. Hzwolun

    WTB>Indian stars or Sri Lankan

    Prefer Yearling Juvenile or young adult Rep Seller/Breeder only thx!