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    My Hermanns is 8 yrs old & she wants to sleep all day, unless I wake her to feed. Is she trying to hibernate,
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    Texas Heat

    We are expecting 105 - 107 here in Boerne, TX and I was wondering if I needed to bring my Hermann’s inside for a few days. She buried herself in the dirt but comes out when I call to Feed her. She has been out most of the summer & I have water for her
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    Eastern Hermann’s Digs Nests

    I have a 6 year Hermann’s that is digging nests in my rocky landscape. There is also a weed barrier under the rock. I have given her a large box with soft dirt & leaf mole but she tries to climb out. I feel bad for her because there are so many rocks & she isn’t satisfied with the holes she...
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    Hermann's digging nest?

    My Eastern Hermann’s has been trying to dig a hole in my rocky landscape for 7 days. How can I tell she has laid eggs & how many holes will she dig before she finds the right one? I have give her a box of soil & leaf mole, but she try’s to climb out & doesn’t like it. Am I frustrating her...