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  1. Flanman

    Breeding no results

    First post on the forum in I’m pretty sure 4 months. Basically around 4/5 months ago my male bred my female in their enclosure quite a lot for a period of 1-2 weeks. This also happened 9/10 months ago. I haven’t seen anything like eggs of the sort. I wouldn’t mind eggs and would be quick to...
  2. Flanman

    Is this white discoloration on the nose a URTI?

  3. Flanman

    Hiding under a rock

  4. Flanman

    12x5’ enclosure w/ cypress, fir, and cedar - Russians already loving it and digging

    My two Russians love their new, much larger enclosure. I put them in the shelter at night and they like to feed on the Kentucky blue grass and I put out a bowl for them to feed on some commercial foods and also high fiber diet and then take it inside at night. Much thanks to everyone who helped...
  5. Flanman

    How to access a low-to-the-ground wooden enclosure?

    I am planning on making an outdoor enclosure for my tortoises. I will always go to great lengths to protect them from wild animals (there are lots of raccoons where I live) and I want to use chicken wire or some other alternative to cover the top and bottom of the enclosure. Now I have one last...
  6. Flanman

    Electrical heating in backyard

    I am planning to build an outdoor enclosure for my two Russian tortoises before spring starts to bloom here in Indiana. The biggest thing I can’t figure out right now is how I’m going to heat an enclosed space for night time or cool/rainy days. It’s going to be a bit far out from my shed and...
  7. Flanman

    Keeping 1:2 MF enclosure

    Hi all, I have a 55 gallon feeding trough that is about 15-20 square feet (+ about 5 inch deep substrate) where I keep my russian tortoises. I currently have a 5.5” female and a 4.5” male in the enclosure. While my male has not shown any excessive breeding aggression besides the mating that...
  8. Flanman

    Female Russian eating BC

  9. Flanman

    Tortoise stretching?

    Sometimes I watch my male and female in the mornings, they’ll be sleeping usually in front of or next to each other under the heat lamp. Every morning I notice my male sometimes just goes from sleeping to fully hiding his face and front legs but not his back legs (before he sees me). He comes...
  10. Flanman

    Thoughts on this enclosure?

    Just wanting some feedback on this enclosure I have set up for my juvenile Russian.
  11. Flanman

    Cheap Enclosures?

    Been looking around for a while now trying to find any cheaper terrariums/enclosures for some russian torts, haven’t been able to find any so far. Anyone know any cheap glass enclosures (non-‘furnished’)
  12. Flanman

    How much space for multiple russians?

    Hi, wondering how much space would be needed for 2 female russian tortoises, indoor environment, same enclosure.
  13. Flanman

    Tortoise suddenly defecates when introduced to water?

    I know tortoises urinate in water quite often, but I was going to give my tortoise her weekly bathe and she started crapping everywhere? I cleaned the container immediately after and tried with a larger container and she does the same thing. Anyone know if this is just a nervous reaction with...
  14. Flanman

    Diet Tips?

    I currently have a single female Testudo (russian) tortoise and I am wondering if she is eating good. She is a juvenile (unknown exact age) and I’ve had her for 2 weeks now. As a new tortoise owner I just want to make sure she’s safe. Looking for any tips, should I remove some foods, add some...
  15. Flanman

    Strange growth on neck of tortoise?

    Hi. Recently got this Testudo Tortoise and have had her for about a week. Unable to find out what this thing on her neck is. Should I be worried? Is it normal? She is a juvenile female, and I have observed this on only one side of her neck.