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    Is this normal or is something wrong?

    4 month old Hermanns missing scale on his face. Is this normal shedding or is something wrong?
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    Great buy to make a closed chamber!

    I found an amazing seller on Etsy that offered custom cut plexiglass. Previously I had been using very thin plexiglass from Lowe’s that I attempted to cut myself and it looked terrible. The new top is very thick and although it’s not airtight it does great keeping in heat and humidity. The top...
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    Is this too cold?

    Hello, I am wondering if 70 is too cold for nighttime temp in the cool side of the enclosure for a hatchling Hermanns? Daytime temps are good and nighttime temp on warm side stays in high 70s. Sometimes he sleeps on the warm side but sometimes burrows in the cold side. I’m worried he’s getting...
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    Should tortoise feel cold?

    Is it normal for my Hermann’s hatchling to feel cold in the mornings? He sleeps under his hide burrowed in the substrate all night so in the mornings when I get him out for his soak he feels cold. (Ambient temp at night is mid 70s. As he is wondering around the enclosure all day he feels warm. I...
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    Question about humidity

    Hello, I have a question about humidity for my hatchling. I have 4 inches of reptibark and the bottom two inches stay pretty moist. The top always dries out throughout the day so I have been doing a few mists each day when I see the entire top layer is dry. When I mist the humidity raises to...
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    Should I wake my tortoise?

    Hello, I have only had my tortoise 4 days and getting into a routine. Every morning I have to dig him out to wake him for a warm soak and to eat. I haven’t seen him unborrow by himself at all. Should I just leave him alone and wait to soak and feed until he gets up on his own? I tried waiting a...
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    Is yawning normal?

    Just wondering if it’s normal for tortoises to yawn? How can you tell the difference between a RI and a yawn? Is it a yawn with the absence of other symptoms (runny nose/ cloudy eyes)? Sorry first time owner and overthinking everything ?
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    New hatchling!

    Just got my new 3 month old Hermanns hatchling. I feel like a nervous wreck! He’s so cute though! Are there any major red flags I should be checking for? I did my research and feel the breeder did everything right; closed chamber, high humidity, 80 degree temp but I’ve read so many horror...
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    So many questions…

    Hello, I am still working on setting up my enclosure for new hatchling Hermanns arriving tomorrow. I’ve made lots of changes to lights but I have a few more questions… Is the basking bulb and CHE too low in the enclosure? My temps are still in high 70s so I could even lower the fixtures a...
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    What’s the difference and is this ok?

    Two part question… what is the difference in using the deep dome vs the work light (first pic). Does one project heat better than the other? Also is it okay to leave the uvb tube light fixture on top of the enclosure like this? (Second pic) The ends slightly hang off. Thank you.
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    Temperatures are a mess ?‍♀️

    Please help me get this right before I bring a hatchling home this week. 40 gallon terrarium top is 3/4 covered with plexiglass. 125 watt incandescent bulb… basking spot it 95 but the ambient temp is only 80. I can’t lower the light anymore or the basking spot will be too hot. Trying to get...
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    Can this type of bulb be used?

    I bought 65 watt incandescent flood bulbs but I can’t get the temp to stay above 80 so I’m trying to find something to produce more heat. I can’t seem to find 100 watt incandescent flood bulbs locally but I found these fluorescent heat bulbs from Lowe’s. Will this work for heating/basking or no?
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    Brand new set up, am I missing anything?

    I am getting an Eastern Hermanns hatchling (3 months old) on Thursday so I’m getting everything set up. I know I will have to increase the enclosure size before too long but for now is there anything I need to do differently? I will have a CHE and Flood Bulb in the fixture, and the uvb will be...
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    Can I install a UVB light like this?

    I have a glass terrarium that I am planning to cover the top with plexiglass. I want to attach the UVB (tube) light and fixture to the plexiglass (on the inside of the enclosure) using command strips. These strips Velcro to eachother (from the plexiglass to the back of the fixture) and the...
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    Does this light produce UVB?

    I can’t find anywhere that says anything about this light and UVB. Do all T5 HO lights produce UVB or do I need a specific one?
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    Are Succulents from Lowe’s safe?

    Hello, I will be getting an eastern Hermanns tortoise in a few weeks and I’m getting the enclosure set up. Today I bought a few succulents from Lowe’s (Aloe, Hawthoria, and Sedum). Are these safe to put in the enclosure and okay if the tort eats them? I know the type of plant is safe but I’m...
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    New setup- is this ok?

    Hi there, can anyone advise if there is anything wrong with using these two lights for a new Hermanns setup? This fixture to use with a regular T5 HO 22in (24 watt) bulb This fixture to use with regular 65 watt...
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    Preparing for new Hermanns tortoise, a little overwhelmed

    Hello, this is my first post and I am brand new to the tortoise world. I am preparing to get a well started Hermanns tortoise and have been reading all the care guides, what not to do etc. I wanted opinions on this enclosure for a hatchling (although I know I will need to upgrade eventually)...