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  1. iwantaTortoIse


    Hello guys I’m going to get a Russian tortoise and just want to make sure that it’s a male. Thanks
  2. iwantaTortoIse

    Is this male?

    Hey, is this Russian tortoise a male?
  3. iwantaTortoIse

    What type of tortoise is it

    Hello, I’m going to get this tortoise soon, but we don’t know what type of Greek tortoise it is. We’re pretty sure it’s Greek and i know it doesn’t matter that much what type it is but I just would like to know. Thanks
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    Hello, which plants can i put in my enclosure that my russian tortoise will eat it?
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    Hello, do you think these weeds are safe for a Russian tortoise to eat? Are these weeds chickweed and clover? Thanks
  6. iwantaTortoIse

    Looking to adopt a mediterranean tortoise

    Hey, i am looking for a tortoise (russian, hermanns, and greek). I want to help someone out who can no longer take care of their tortoise. If you have an unwanted tortoise, feel free to msg me at 9727416683 or private msg me. I can cover the shipping cost if needed and i will provide a loving...
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    Greek tortoise

    Hello, i am going to get a greek tortoise very soon. I was wondering what the diet should be. Thanks!
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    Where can i get a tortoise from a cheap reliable source

    Hi, ive been wondering if there are any cheap options to get a tortoise. Im looking for a hermanns tortoise or a russian tortoise but i cant seem to find any local breeders. I live in the Dallas, TX area. Any places would help. Thanks