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  1. lutinorob

    Golden Greek male

    Looking to trade golden Greek male for a Ibera Greek male located in Dallas Tx
  2. lutinorob

    guess what someone tried to sell me

    A friend on facebook tried to sell me 4 male and three female terrapene nelsoni nelsoni He said he could import them.I told him I would pass
  3. lutinorob

    three toed male maybe

    I have a question recieved a new male box turtle (three-toed) almost 7 inch long head looks three-toed it has three toes but it is large. I posted 6 picture 2 by it self,2 with eastern male that are a little over six inches, an one with a male three-toed that is about five inches and one with...
  4. lutinorob

    Tort Identification

    I have a friend in El Paso Texas that has a male box turtle that has been in his family for a long time and would like help figuring what type it is. Could be a gulf coast or a yucatan or something else dont know it has four rear toes.
  5. lutinorob

    razorback musk turtle

    My razor back musk turtle is it a male or female? I think female.
  6. lutinorob

    It is a great day

    My first turtle up for the year.
  7. lutinorob

    test picture

    hope it works