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    Hibernating C. angulata in Captivity

    HI All, just wondering, does any of you hibernate your Angulata's of known anyone who does? Cheers
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    What are peoples views? Shade

    Hello everyone, I have been keeping and breeding Hermans, both Westerns and Eastern for quite some time, about 14 years, but had an interesting discussion with someone yesterday that made me think. I have got spacious enclosures, all facing South with additional heating for my Hermannis ssp...
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    0.1 Hermanni Hermanni Ragusa

    Hello All, Very happy to show you my new THH. Supposedly an Hermanni Hermanni Ragusa but she will be tested and compared to samples to verify. She is 11 years old, 14.5cm SCL and 544 gram. OH YEAH :) Cheers,
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    Marginated Caramello Albino

    Hi Guys, Having some discussion with some friend about this Marginated whether this is a Caramel Albino or a normal Marginated? It has been bought as T+ Caramel Albino but I thought caramel albino's didn't have any black markings on their plastron or is it because it his T+ it will come more...
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    Which graeca local?

    hi all, Any of you an idea which Graeca local this can be? Thought of marokkensis but not sure. Thx!
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    Chersobius Signatus Signatus

    These guys can here from the foundation and would like to share some pics :)
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    Hi guys, Expecting 1.1 kleinmanni next month with an additional female later this year. I have a 210x85cm table for them. Substrate and basking spot have been sorted out but I still have a question about the uvb. Would 1 Arcadia 54w T5 12% be sufficient? That’s about 120cm. I still have an...
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    sexually mature

    Hi Guys, If i can recall correctly, Kleinmanni females are sexually mature at around 300 grams or 6/7 years but what about males? 100grams? 5/6 years? Thanks. Koen
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    Angulata outside?

    HI Everyone, Is there anybody here who reside in Europe and keep Angulata's outdoors or who has an opinion of keeping Angulata's outside? I do live in Belgium and not in the South of Italy though so temps can get chilly here. I am expecting 1 in April and have been reading about them and read...
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    THB Bulgaria?

    Hi Guys, Got 1.1 Eaterns and looking to buy an addition female next year but anyone that can confirm their are Bulgarian? The don’t look like Macedonians to me but would like to know the locality of these 2 hero’s. Thx!
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    Hi Guys, I think this one is a nabeulensis but not sure. Can someone confirm? Don’t have any pics from the plastron. Thx!
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    Anomaly Hermanns

    Hi guys, Trying to educate myself more regarding anomalies and I know that anomalies occur more in captive bred Hermanns than hatchlings in the wild but I am trying to understand why Hermanns are more prone to have anomalies than other species? Is this because in their natural habitat they...
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    Specific Local Hibernations

    Hi Guys, I have a question regarding hibernation if Sicily local Western Hermans specifically from Etna. I keep Puglia's and Vars whom remain permanently outside and they are able to sleep for 4 months without any problems. They sleep outside in their insulated greenhouse but not sure what to...
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    Hi guys, Maybe a silly question but I have the feeling one of my thh Puglia is getting lighter in colouring and it worries me? On the pic with 5 of them it is the left one. If you compared it with the other pic look at the vertebrals the black patches have sort of disappeared. No pink or red...
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    Boetgerri or hybride Boetgerri/Herce

    hi guys, Some hesitation here about whether these guys are 100% boetgerri or hybrids boetgerri/Hercegovinensis Thx!
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    Hibernation Hatchling.

    Hi Guys, Got 4 hermanni hermanni' from Puglia including 2 hatchlings and I am hesitating how long I should hibernate them. I used to have boetgerri's and the hatchling I would hibernate for 8 weeks so I assume the same applies for Westerns? Does anybody have experience with longer...
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    Male behaviour

    hi guys, I was wondering does a male tortoise instinctively known whether a female is fertile and ready to lay eggs? I have noticed some of my testudo males ignore females below around 600 grams whilst chasing the adult females like crazy. So they know or is this just coincidence? Thx
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    Hermanni Hermanni Locality?

    Hi Guys, I have been keeping & breeding boetgerri's and Hermanni hermmani for a while know, the Var and Corse ones, no I have been offered 2 more appearing to be from Apulia, 2 females from 2012. Anyone based on the pictures can confirm this? I can only go get them in 2 weeks and unfortunately...
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    Hi from belgium

    Hi guys, My name is Koen, I live in Belgium and keep 6 Hermanni Boetgerri's and have been keeping tortoises since I was 14 years old. I keep them permanently outdoors with additional ceramic heating for the cooler days and they hibernate in their heated house as well. Here are some pics of the...
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    Boetgerri or Hermanni

    Hi everyone, I am new here, live in Belgium and keep a couple of Boetgerri's. I have a 1 female named Peggy, 7 years old and 850 grams but I recently started questioning whether she is a hermanni or boetgerri. Can some of you confirm which subspecies she is? She is the right one on the pics...