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  1. lutinorob

    Golden Greek male

    Looking to trade golden Greek male for a Ibera Greek male located in Dallas Tx
  2. lutinorob


    yes female
  3. lutinorob

    What species is my box turtle?

    gulf coast
  4. lutinorob


    eastern box turtle
  5. lutinorob

    A few random photos

    nice turtle.
  6. lutinorob

    A few random photos

    Are all 3 gulf coast?
  7. lutinorob

    guess what someone tried to sell me

    A friend on facebook tried to sell me 4 male and three female terrapene nelsoni nelsoni He said he could import them.I told him I would pass
  8. lutinorob

    This one just blows me away

  9. lutinorob

    three toed male maybe

    Im thinking gulf coast intergrade with three toed. I think if was eastern mix the head should be wider. I dont know.
  10. lutinorob

    three toed male maybe

    better picture
  11. lutinorob

    three toed male maybe

    The person I got him from did not have his history he took him in on trade. The head looks like three-toed and has three toes on his rear feet but I think gulf coast or maybe intergrade. Is it common for gulf coast to have three toes?
  12. lutinorob

    three toed male maybe

    I have a question recieved a new male box turtle (three-toed) almost 7 inch long head looks three-toed it has three toes but it is large. I posted 6 picture 2 by it self,2 with eastern male that are a little over six inches, an one with a male three-toed that is about five inches and one with...
  13. lutinorob

    Almost road kill

    do you feed your turtles bread?
  14. lutinorob

    Can you identify?

    how many rear toes did it have
  15. lutinorob


    dont let it get to hot with a heat lamp I keep mine around 80
  16. lutinorob

    I need help to id my tort

    eastern box turtle
  17. lutinorob

    Is my box turtle a boy or girl?

    look like a female
  18. lutinorob

    Where to Release?

    nice looking male three toed.
  19. lutinorob

    Tort Identification

    Post some pictures of her include pictures of her tail. People here will help you out with the male vs. female question.
  20. lutinorob

    Tort Identification

    I see what your talking about just never seen one with a brown shell. Do you think it is terrapene ornata ornata or terrapene ornata luteola?