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  1. CGKeith

    Eastern Box turtle babies

    I have a few eastern box turtle babies from very nice colored parents. $60 each plus $40 shipping Parents (not for sale)
  2. CGKeith

    Greek tortoise babies

    I have Syrian, terrestris subspecies and Turkish Ibera subspecies $100 each plus $40 shipping
  3. CGKeith

    Friday the 13th hatching!

    I think I'll call this one Jason.
  4. CGKeith

    Ibera (greek) babies

    I have two that are a couple of weeks old and ready to go. $100 each plus shipping. PM me for a shipping quote.
  5. CGKeith

    Greek babies Jordanian and Turkish Ibera

    Here you can see the difference in coloration between the Jordanian and the Turkish Ibera babies. These are both new hatchlings just a couple of days old.
  6. CGKeith

    Baby hatching

    Happy Independence Day! This little one (jordanian greek) is working on it's own freedom today.
  7. CGKeith

    My Easterns are laying

    One of my Eastern females laid a clutch late last night. First clutch of the year and if things go like they did last year it is the first on many. :) I have had a LOT of people asking for Eastern babies, so hopefully in a couple of months I will start having them again.
  8. CGKeith

    Greek babies (Turkish Ibera)

    I have a few new babies. Great looking and eating like crazy. :) Incubated at 89 degrees, so high probability female. $100 each, plus shipping. (Fed-Ex priority overnight) Shipping usually runs $40 - $50 depending on location. Send me a PM or email for a shipping quote to your zip...
  9. CGKeith

    Found a baby today

    What a surprise! I found this little one in my outdoor enclosure (Syrian (golden) Greek). Just a solo, I couldn't find any others and couldn't find anyplace it could have come out of the ground. My first baby of the year.
  10. CGKeith

    First hatchling of 2013

    This one is the first to hatch out for me this year. :) Hatched out 3 days ago Terrestris, (Syrian)
  11. CGKeith

    Ibera eggs being laid today

  12. CGKeith

    CL ad Desert torts being sold as Russians

    I have emailed and sent a text to this guy letting him know that what he has pictured are native desert tortoises, not russians. He insists that they are captive bred russians. Anyone else want to try?
  13. CGKeith

    Cutting plastic

    I know a lot us are using plastic storage bins of one sort or another. What are the different methods you have used to cut holes in lids or sides etc... What works good and what doesn't.
  14. CGKeith

    Little Gold Nugget

    This little one hatched out last night. My last of the year.
  15. CGKeith

    Greek babies

    I have few Ibera and a couple of Terrestris babies. Eating great and growing nicely. Ready to go. $100 each, plus shipping. Send me a PM if you have questions or want a shipping quote.
  16. CGKeith

    Just some pics

    Here are some pics of a couple of mine.
  17. CGKeith

    Eastern box turtle babies

    I have plenty of them, showing nice coloration and are from nicely colored parents. $50 each plus shipping. PM me if you have questions or want a shipping quote. Pictures of parents attached (not for sale) :) Parents
  18. CGKeith

    Ibera Greek babies

    I have several of them with more on the way. :) $100 each plus shipping. PM me if you have questions or want a shipping quote.
  19. CGKeith

    Eastern juvies

    Here are a few pics. 1 and 2 yr olds.
  20. CGKeith

    More Eastern babies hatching

    This one is still undecided which way it wants to go. :)