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  1. TheSulcata

    A few questions...

    Hey guys, a few questions. Is my sulcata big enough to go outside permanently? He is almost 2 years old, and almost 7 inch long, and I live in Texas so it is pretty humid. Second, is the pic attached below a good UV source? I threw out my old curly bulb... if he is big enough to go outside, can...
  2. TheSulcata

    Tortoise enclosure ideas

    I am thinking about building a new tort enclosure for my sulcata. Any ideas? He is about 2 years old and almost 7 inches long
  3. TheSulcata

    Tortoise shell

    Hey guys, just wondering, when should a sulcatas she'll be completely hard and not soft and leathery?
  4. TheSulcata


    Hey guys, I have two sulcatas and they eat mainly lettuce, grass, and carrots. I just read prickly pear cactus is good for them. I was wondering if they can eat any other kind of cactus? I live in Texas and have cacti all over in my backyard and wanted to feed them that instead of having to buy...
  5. TheSulcata

    I'm making a chat and gonna see where it goes

    Hey guys! Here is a pic of an Australian cookie I made!
  6. TheSulcata

    Sulcata gender

    Hi, I've read that you cannot tell a sulcatas gender until they are five years old... is that true? Thanks! Old Bob
  7. TheSulcata

    Eating too much???

    I have two 1 1/2 year old sulcatas that eat SO MUCH!!! I feed them like 3 times a day (sometimes more) and put them outside and they eats grass. I try to feed them less but they run around when I don't and seem unsatisfied... PLEASE HELP (their shells are about 6 inches each)
  8. TheSulcata

    My tortoise won't drink

    Hello, I have a one and a half year old sulcata and he won't drink from his water bowl. It is big enough to where he can get in but he still won't. I also soak him every two days and keep his environment humid and about 100 temp. Anything I should change? (I also have a retreat he can get to...
  9. TheSulcata

    I have an off topic question

    Sooo, sometimes I will log on to this site and it will say "congratulations!!! You are a lucky winner of a $1000 gift card!!!" Is there any way you know how to stop that?
  10. TheSulcata

    Wet face

    Hey guys, I have 2 sulcatas and they are both a little over a year old. I keep their enclosure 90 degrees every night and they also have a cool area they can retreat to if they are too hot. I keep a water bowl in there although I've never seen them drink from it, and I soak them every other day...