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  1. Tito17

    Captive bred CDT

    Hi everyone, my friend was approached by someone asking her if she wanted a hatchling CDT for free, the parents both have permits, but is it still legal to own the tortoise ? If it is how would I get a permit. Thanks , ps sorry about the low quality pic it's a screen shot
  2. Tito17


    Hi everyone, About a week ago my Russian tortoise stop eating buried itself underground, I dug him up and put him in a storage bin. I live Southern California and the temperatures have been pretty hot so he was still awake when I found him. I don't want hibernate him because I just got him this...
  3. Tito17

    Baby eastern box turtle

    Rehoming a baby eastern box turtle! Eating well on mealworms, greens and box turtle pellets. Send me a message to see pics , 25 Obo rehoming fee thank u !! :) so cal area
  4. Tito17

    Tortoise Watering Hole

    Has anyone seem this YouTube show ?? Would it be to build a watering hole like this in a smaller scale for my 2 Russian Tortoises and my Hermann's tortoise ??
  5. Tito17

    Looking for an Eastern Hermann's tortoise or Greek Tortoise in so cal

    Hi, TFO I'm look to give a Hermann's or Greek tortoise a home. Willing to pay. Any gender any age. Thank u !!!:)
  6. Tito17

    Instagram Tortoise

    Recently I decided to combine my love for tortoises and photography. I made George, my Hermans tortoise, an Instagram. If anyone would like to follow him, or if anyone has done the same thing I have I would be more than glad to follow ur tort. :) Please follow at lone_george thank u
  7. Tito17

    Craigslist Male Russian tort in Santa Barbara

    There's a male Russian tort that needs a new home in Santa Barbara. He's 5in and there's a fee of only 30 dollars. Someone should take him In !! The owners number is 814 808 4092 the link is
  8. Tito17

    Any Cal Poly Pomona students ???

    Hi as a cal poly student i was just wondering if theres any tort owners at Cal Poly Pomona, I would like to meet more people with the same interest as me that's all haha
  9. Tito17

    Desert Tortoise needs rescue in Bakersfield !!!

    This tortoise needs someone to rescue it !!! Rehoming fee 50, it doesn't look like a desert tort to me, any ideas of what kind of tortoise it is ??? for some reason I can't post picture but just copy and past URL
  10. Tito17

    Craigslist Hermans Tortoise update and help need as well

    I recently rescued a Hermans tortoise on Craigslist. The people who I obtain the tortoise had him in a glass aquarium and he looked like he was in good shape. When I brought him home I put him in a 50 gallon storage bin with a heat lamp while I was building his outdoor home,he was fine. He ate...
  11. Tito17

    Looking for a Hermans, Greek or female Russian tortoise

    Hi I am look to get a Hermans, Greek or female Russian tortoise willing to pay I have a big yard where I keep my tortoises just send me a message if u have one thank u :) I live in so cal near LA and go to school at cal poly so anywhere around there I can drive :)
  12. Tito17

    Looking to for a female Russian tortoise in so cal or Herman tortoise

    Hi I'm looking for a female Russian tortoise to adopted in the LA area or near cal poly I am also looking for a Herman tortoise thanks
  13. Tito17

    Anyone rehoming a female Russian tortoise in so cal??

    Looking for a female Russian tortoise in so cal near paramount or cal poly Pomona will pick, willing to pay or trade for a leopard gecko with set up if interstead send me a message thanks :)
  14. Tito17

    Baby leopard gecko with set up +cash trade

    Trading a young leopard gecko with 10gal tank, UVB and heat bulb, one light fixture, heat pad, hides and moss, as well as mealworms trade for tortoise would like a Hermans or box turtle can add cash I live in so cal in the city of paramount let me know if ur interstead message me thank you :)
  15. Tito17

    Tortoise Documentaries

    Does anyone know any good tortoise and/or turtle documentaries ????
  16. Tito17

    My Russian Tortoise !!!

    This my beautiful 3 year old Russian Tortoise
  17. Tito17


    I need ideas on plants that I can grow in my Russian tortoise enclosure that flourish in So Cal.
  18. Tito17

    Looking to trade a leopard tortoise hatchling for a Russian

    Look to trade my leopard tortoise hatchling for a Russian tortoise or a similar tortoise near Paramount CA
  19. Tito17

    I need ideas for a outdoor enclosure

    I need ideas for an outdoor enclosure for my Russian tortoise, I would love to see pictures !!!