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  1. sidsmasher

    Indian star dragging its leg

    my 2 yr old star seems to be having problem moving from the past 4 days.. it seems to drag his body and keeps the left leg stationary while moving, just relying on the right one .. when indoor it becomes inacive and sleeps , doesn't eat anything, but when i take it to the park/lawn, becomes...
  2. sidsmasher

    2 year star having leg problem

    So by the photos does he look healthy?
  3. sidsmasher

    2 year star having leg problem

    Heres the video of him walking .. Notice the limping on the left leg..
  4. sidsmasher

    2 year star having leg problem

    Spends 30 min daily in the lawn in bright sun..temperature is around 30-35 Celsius that eliminates uv lamp....also I'm attaching some pics ..plz take a look and tell if its healthy or not .also tell its sex
  5. sidsmasher

    2 year star having leg problem

    hello , for the past 2 days my star is having some problem with his left leg, he keeps the leg still.. he can move but he really has to strech his right leg .. which today i observed is slightly reddish....his diet includes okra(bhindi), guar bean(phali), cucumber, cottage cheese(panner ,very...
  6. sidsmasher

    Gender of my 17 month Indian star

    Thank you for the reply I should wait for another year I guess
  7. sidsmasher

    Gender of my 17 month Indian star

    But its still 4 inch tall and 17 months old...will it gain height at later stage??
  8. sidsmasher

    Gender of my 17 month Indian star

    Plzsomeone tell whether its male or female Thnnku
  9. sidsmasher

    Health Concern

    yes !!! hes been eating cucumber n garden weeds... but its been 7 months n his size is still the same( i mean no changes in shell i obserbed)...
  10. sidsmasher

    A CHALLENGE (for the best picture)

    My 6 Month old indian star
  11. sidsmasher

    Health Concern

    Its been 6 months since i got my summer (indian star).... although it looks fine ....i feede it thrice a day.. and the rest he/she is sleeping... and also i bask it in the morning for 2-3 hours i just waana know if he/she is healthy or not ...also can some one tell me its sex :P... here are...
  12. sidsmasher

    Is this reptile light fine for my indian star tortoise

    hey in my country only this basking light is available ...and because during this month temperature goes around 6-10 degree celsius in new delhi,India.. so is this light enough to provide the required heating n lighting???... i usually...
  13. sidsmasher

    Star tortoise UVB lamp

    hey guys im all confused about the whole lightning thing.... i searched all threads but could not find the appropiate lamp for indian star.. plz guyz im a rookie in this thing....can i get the whole information about which light n bulb to buy and of what power?? thank you
  14. sidsmasher


    my star who i got recently eats only cucmber... i tried pomegranate seeds,spinach... but he/she only likes cucmber ... ANY ADVICE
  15. sidsmasher

    calcium supplement

    can a chalk be given toan indian star as a calcium supplement ???
  16. sidsmasher

    PLZ help me identify the species of this tortoise

    lol my uncle gifted me on my bdayy ... he told me that its an indan breed ... but i got confused ... wanted to be more careful so i came here...!!
  17. sidsmasher

    Lets See Your Stars!

    THE INDIAN STAR are really gorgeous species of tortoise ... I HAVE one and named him summer
  18. sidsmasher

    PLZ help me identify the species of this tortoise

    RE: PLZ help me identify the breed of this tortoise yes i recently got this beautiful animal.. can i get some info about this ... like caring ticks n feeding n all