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    Swimming Indian Star tortoises in the Prague Zoo

    So a few months ago I visited the Prague Zoo for the "Czech turtle keepers day". We visited the Indian start tortoise enclosure as you can see in the photos. They were moved to the Gharial house a few months before this. Quickly after moving in, the caretakers saw them swimming around in the...
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    Adding 2nd clutch to incubator

    Hey all, I currently have 3 THH eggs in the incubator and my second female is looking to lay soon. Should I just put the eggs into the running incubator or somehow gradually get them to the incubating temperature?
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    Elongated tortoise heating bulb type

    Hey all, so I am about to make a new enclosure for my Elongated tortoises. There isn't many guides, especially new ones on the web and a lot of people say the care is similar to RF, something I kinda agree to a certain degree. Now I remember reading one of the care guides for RFs here mentioned...
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    Is this shell rot/fungus?

    Hey, so I am pretty sure this is the starting stage of some fungus on my tortoise. Just wanted to be sure that it really is before I treat it. I lovered the temps for my torts to get them ready for going outside, but the weather just wasn't getting better this year so it took a few more weeks...