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  1. Niki

    Russian tort digging hole

    My female Russian is in her enclosure (outside) digging a hole with her back legs... Like she is going to lay an egg. About 2 months ago she escaped my backyard and ended up at the local herpetological center. She was housed in a giant enclosure with a bunch of other tortoises. She was there for...
  2. Niki

    Russian tortoise on the Loose

    I have a kinda odd question regarding my Russian "Greta's" behavior. I live in Az where are temp was close to 90 degrees yesterday. She lives outside in her enclosure where she will hibernate in her borrow I built for her. With our unseasonable warm weather, she woke up early. She has been up...
  3. Niki

    Tort egg?

    Hi! I was cleaning out my Russians enclosure today, and found an egg. My tort Greta lives alone but did get out of our back yard recently and went on an adventure. She was returned 3 days later. Is this a tort egg?
  4. Niki

    She's back!

    Well, Greta is officially up! Took a day or so and she is back to hating her soaks and loving the sun!
  5. Niki

    Russian awake

    My russian "Greta" has appeared from her burrow today. I live in Az where the temps have been in the high 60's and 40's at night. She lives in an outside enclosure and was in a hole inside her burrow since about middle November. I am pretty sure she has been nibbling on some weeds in her...
  6. Niki

    Too Cold?

    I know I've asked this same question 5 different times,but I am so worried!! My approx 5 year old russian lives outside in her enclosure. She dug down in her burrow about 2 months ago. I can feel the top of her shell if I stick my hand down there. We just had a rainstorm for 2 days and she...
  7. Niki

    cold temps

    My 5 year old Russian lives in an outdoor enclosure with a burrow. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and last night our temps fell to the low 40's. Looks like tonight will be the same. I assumed Greta was deep in her burrow buried in the ground last night. (I haven't seen her for a couple days) Today, I...
  8. Niki

    Hibernation for russian

    I have an approximately 5 yr old Russian tort named Greta. I live in Scottsdale, Az where the temps are now in the low 60's at night and 90's during the day. Greta lives in an outdoor enclosure that has a burrow I dug for her. During the really hot summer she rarely left her burrow. Now that the...
  9. Niki

    Nail trimming

    I noticed today that my Russian's nails got really long! It's been in the triple digits here, so she has been in her burrow most of the day. I took her out to soak and they looked like they grew a lot. She hasn't been walking around backyard a lot so maybe that's why. Do I leave them?
  10. Niki

    New addition!

    We just adopted a new chihuahua ( mix) from the pound. I had to share his picture! He is the darker one on the left. He was in the county pound for 5 months... Poor guy, he was on the E list. I am so glad we found him.... His name is Stanley, and my other chi is Stella. The only problem is...
  11. Niki

    Torts for adoption.[hr] Wish I could adopt one... My RT wouldn't care for that too much.
  12. Niki

    Roof rats

    I am wondering about my RT and roof rats. We have them everywhere where I live. About 6 months ago I did have traps put out. ( poison ). I hated it! I also volunteer at a bird/ mammal rehab center, so I know how it trickles down from rats to cats to hawks... And the poison can affect all of...
  13. Niki

    Chi licking her paws

    Thought I would ask.. My chihuahua has been licking her front paws excessively. She actually wakes me up in the middle of night.Her pads were raw, so I took her to a pet dermotologist two days ago. She has quite an infection and yeast in both. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and prescribed...
  14. Niki

    RT with runny poop

    My RT has really runny poops. She has been living in her burrow a lot because the temps here are 112. I feed her a plate of either dandelion greens, spring mix, ( no spinach) and sometimes I do give her romain hearts. ( her favorite ) she eats every morning and goes back into burrow. Yesterday...
  15. Niki

    So funny![hr] Ok... Was suppose to be turtle divorce. Not the best with computers!
  16. Niki

    Russian eating less.

    I am wondering if my RT "Greta" is ok. I live in Az where our temp was around 105 yesterday. She did eat her breakfast, but the past few days she doesn't eat her later meal. I usually feed her 2x a day. I notice when I go pick up her plate in the evening it hasn't been touched. She is in her...
  17. Niki

    Tort saver

    Second tort I have saved in 2 months. I might make it an official job. Hope he stays in lake and out of road!
  18. Niki


    I just received a pound of mazuri for my RT. Dumb Question... Do I soak it in water? Give it to her dry? And about how much do you offer a full grown RT? Thanks!
  19. Niki


    I noticed that my cucumber plants and strawberry plants have these little white bugs on them. When I touch the plants they fly everywhere. I am pretty sure they are not aphids, but I am not an expert gardener. These plants are not in Greta's enclosure but close by and I don't want to use...
  20. Niki

    Water temp for soaking

    I was wondering about water temp for my RT. I know that you are suppose to use Luke warm water. But what if the temperture outside is 105 degrees? I usually soak her later in the day because she stays in her burrow until late morning. I assume I should never use cold water... But if she has been...