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    Crack on sulcata?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone can tell me about this on my 7 year old sulcata’s shell. We adopted him almost 3 years ago and he had hardly grown (Was the size of a tennis ball) because he wasn’t cared for properly, but since we’ve had him he has had regular soakings and proper...
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    Male or female?

    Hi We have a young sulcata and are trying to determine the sex. It’s about 7 inches across, so might be too small to tell. Thank you
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    Sulcata confirmation please!?

    Hi-I am new here, but recently took over the care of a 6 yr old sulcata tortoise (at least that is what I have been told.) He was not cared for as he should have been and was kept in a small glass aquarium. He won’t eat much in his new habitat, but will eat all the grass that he can when I put...