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  1. kellychipoos

    My baby brown.

    My baby brown, Thorn, 75 grams :)
  2. kellychipoos

    My pair of blacks :)

    The male Orion is super outgoing and my female, Nova, is shy. They are 4 yrs old and 8" 1280 grams and nova is 1 180 grams. I think they look great!
  3. kellychipoos

    My babies came today!

    Jimmy Chu shipped my babies and they came perfect and are already eating! So very happy!!! Here are pics of my sweet babies, Aria (yearling) already had her :) and my new babies. Prim -1 and Saphira -2 :)
  4. kellychipoos

    Burmese black mountain tortoise

    Beautiful burmese black mountain tortoise 4 yrs old and 8" 1300 grams heavy and healthy Cleveland ohio $600 plus shipping [email protected]
  5. kellychipoos

    Pair of yellowfoots and 2 female redfoots

    Due to lifestyle changes I need to rehome my yellowfoots and redfoots. I have a male and female yellowfoots and 2 redfoot females. The reds have a bit of pymiding. They were rescues but in great health now, they are approximately 7- 10 yrs old. And 10" inches long. Vet cked their stool and...
  6. kellychipoos

    Yearling redfoot

    Yearling redfoot, raised warm and moist. Eating great. 264grams $100 plus shipping from ohio 44012 [email protected]
  7. kellychipoos

    Yellowfoot sex?

    I just rescued this adult yellowfoot but I can't tell if it's male or female? Not that I know that much about tortoises but it looks to me that the tail was bitten off. I'm guessing female, and she has some pyramiding but she is somewhat concave on her plastron. The lady I got her from said...
  8. kellychipoos

    My yellowfoots growth?

    My yellowfoot, Lettie was a rescue and since I've had her she has gained about 200 grams and I have uvb for her when she's inside and every chance I get they are outside. My question is her growth on her shell shows more in the front them in the back and she shows marbling in the back. Can...
  9. kellychipoos

    Pair of year old cherry head redfoots

    The larger of the 2 is showing marbling, and they are both beautiful and vibrant. 300 for the pair or 150 each plus shipping. I'm in ohio 44012 I can email pics or txt them [email protected] or 4404064444 Thanks!
  10. kellychipoos

    Please help (RF makes chirping or clucking sound)

    My redfoot, Sarge, is a male and he's about 6 yrs old. He keeps walking around chirping. Is he sick???
  11. kellychipoos

    Cleaning question??

    I have yellow and redfoots, I spot clean and make sure I get their poo outta their pens, which they normally go in their bathes. My question is how often should I completely change out my coconut coir substrate? ? My indoor Pens are 6 ft long by 2 wide 2 foot tall. I just completely tore them...
  12. kellychipoos

    Redfoot yearling 4"

    Healthy beautiful red foot yearling. Eating great and nice color! $125 plus shipping, located in northeast ohio for pickup
  13. kellychipoos

    Yellowfoots love water!

    I have both reds and yellows and my yellows love to just soak in their water dish, it seems to me more then my reds. I looove my torts!!!
  14. kellychipoos

    4yr & 1yr old yellow foots for sale 300obo

    Sad to do this but I'm rehoming my yellowfoots due to relationship problems... My cell is 4407832211 txt or call located in ohio. Willing to ship also a 6x2 showcase for sale for 300$ with lights and heat mat.
  15. kellychipoos

    Pls help, boy or girl??

    best guesses appreciated, thank you! 7" inches long and approx 4 yrs old.
  16. kellychipoos

    Making new enclosures and need advice.

    I currently have 4 torts 2 yellowfoots and 2 Redfoots in a 6x2 enclosure, they are all doing great but I'm buying another 6x2 enclosure. My original thought was to put the 2 smaller ones together and the 2 bigger ones in the other pen. But my question to what's more important putting the certain...
  17. kellychipoos

    Metobolic bone disease ??

    I showed my yellowfoot pic off on my Facebook and a person commented that my yellowfoot has MBD and now I'm all worried! Does she? In your guys opinion? And how can I treat her? [hr] Her shell isn't soft and she eats great. Not sure what to look for... Her shell is a bit humped... Is that it?
  18. kellychipoos


    I noticed today that I think I have mites in the enclosure! Under the water bowl I seen a bunch of little white bugs!! Will these hurt my tortoises?? And how do I get rid of them? Is this normal?
  19. kellychipoos

    New addition!! yellowfoot love!!

    I bought her from turtlesourse, She came all safe and sound! She took a big drink during her soak and promptly ate a mushroom after being placed in her new enclosure, she's doing fabulous and I'm so happy with her! Now I just gotta pick out a name lol :) she's a beautiful little lady and will...
  20. kellychipoos

    Captive bred?

    I seen a couple redfoots in a pet store and I want so bad to help them... But I have a question. The store manager insisted they were captive bred and they were about 6-7 inches long and absolutely no pyramiding at all I didn't take pics but if I go back I'll try to, my question is aren't...