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  1. lkwagner

    Mazuri from tortoise cafe

    A month or so ago I saw a post from tortoise cafe with a code for tf members to use. Every time I search it says no results, no matter what I search. Anyone know the post I'm talking about? I order from them alllll the time and it would be nice to use the discount for once lol
  2. lkwagner

    Snapping turtle out of water

    Please I don't need to be scolded over this, it's not even my turtle. Things happen. On Sunday night my dad's snapper got out in the basement and we still can't find it. I've gone over there and looked everywhere and both my parents have been looking for hours and hours. My question is, could...
  3. lkwagner

    $50 off tortoises at petsmart

    I got an email today saying now till Christmas all tortoises are $50 off! I know it's not the best place to buy from but that's a good deal!
  4. lkwagner

    Pinterest pics

    Saw this on Pinterest and thought it was so cute!!!!! Pretty sure my sulcata would squish my kittens lol And this guy looks like he has an awesome job!!
  5. lkwagner

    Shipping 8.5lb 12in sully from MI

    I need help!!!! I found a great home for my sully in NC but I have no idea how to ship. I want to use usps but I could only find 2 day shipping online. I need to know how to package her, keeping into consideration that it's probably going to be 20's/30's when I ship. Also is the usps a good way...
  6. lkwagner

    No power for 48 hours

    Lost power last night and won't get it back till tomorrow. High 43 today. I have 3 sulcatas and know it's going to get too cold for them. And suggestions on how to keep them warm? My only other option is keeping them in Rubbermaid bins at my parents so they can have their lights, just was...
  7. lkwagner


    Is this aloe okay to feed to my sulcatas?
  8. lkwagner

    3 sulcatas

    I've posted about them before and got a few responses, then I started thinking I would keep them through winter and then rehome them. But this past Friday my best friend passed away in her sleep at the age of 26. I need to turn my spare bedroom into a kids room for her 1 year old and 5 year old...
  9. lkwagner

    Uh oh, found a couple worms in substrate

    Think it's from substrate or should I deworm her? 8.5lb sulcata substrate cypress mulch
  10. lkwagner

    Sex my tort and my foster kittens :)

    At the vet with my 2.5 year old sulcata, can't believe she's already 8.5 lbs. I've been told she's a female but lately I've been second guessing that can anyone sex him/her They love seeing her at the vet, everyone comes in and takes pics. I brought her to get weighed because my fosters had to...
  11. lkwagner

    3 sulcatas for sale

    I need to rehome my sulcata tortoises. All were rescues and are now healthy with no problems at all. The problem is I live in MI. I was planning on being in a house this year but it didn't work out that way and I ended up signing another lease on my town home. Even though it is so hard for me to...
  12. lkwagner

    3 sulcatas. 2, 1 year olds and 1, 3 year old.

    I rescued all 3 of these. The first one 2 and a half years ago from a reptile show being housed in awful conditions and in January I rescued another from the same reptile show with a respiratory infection that I cured and has been gaining weight steadily. Lastly, I rescued one off Craigslist so...
  13. lkwagner

    Turn on wwj/cbs!

    Big brother is suppose to be on but its all about endangered tortoises! [hr] Just turned it on so don't know much yet but its on wwj/CBS in Michigan right now. Really interesting esp for people on this aite
  14. lkwagner

    Squirts new friend!

    Brought the little girl I nanny over to meet squirt! She loved her! I love that she's getting so big, my 2 hatchlings aren't that fun lol
  15. lkwagner

    Easy portable tort enclosure for smaller torts

    Just thought id share this. I found these at Home Depot for about $2 each. They stick into the ground and connect together. They are easy to put up and take down and can be made into any size. Perfect for traveling or just setting up a temporary enclosure.
  16. lkwagner

    Target- tortoise shell

    Saw this at target tonight, they have it in green too! Kinda cool to hang on the wall esp for all us tortoise lovers!!!! Only $19
  17. lkwagner


    See those tiny white/metallic bugs on the carrot? Does anyone know what they are??? All my indoor enclosures have them in the mulch and I've seen a few on the torts. I just want to know if they are safe or how to get rid of them :) thanks
  18. lkwagner

    Clogged nostrils

    One of my baby sulcatas nostrils are practically closed up. He had a uri when I got him and I really don't think that's what this is. I switched from coco coir to cypress because of a bug problem so the humidity isnt as high but im going to set up their fogger. Should I just continue soaking and...
  19. lkwagner

    Russian Tort

    I have a friend that's giving away her russian tort. If you live near Lake Orion/Oxford MI or willing to drive send me a pm
  20. lkwagner

    Should I get a fecal?

    My 2 year old sulcata (around 5 lbs), poops normal when outside but when inside only has diarrhea. It's always a pile of poop when I find it not the normal strand if that makes sense lol I live in MI so its impossible to keep her outside 24:7, its in the 30's right now. I thought it could be...