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    Lady Hermann not her usual self

    How is she doing now? What did the Dr say?
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    Anyone have any cute names for a dream tortoise?

    My son names ours Tank because he is slow moving and destroys everything in his path lol (even tho hes really not that slow)
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    Water falls

    Thank you!
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    Water falls

    I definitely will!
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    Water falls

    Well darn...that's discouraging lol I'm going to keep thinking about it
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    Water falls

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    Small river on tortoise table

    Did you ever get this finished? I would love to hear about how you did it and see some pics
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    Water falls

    Ok cool, I use a plastic paint pan for water we are in Phx AZ and the ceramic gets too hot I was thinking a water fall more for looks and to get a little more natural humidity in his area as we are usually very dry. Thank you for you're response
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    Water falls

    Has anyone put a waterfall in theirs torts enclosure? Any pros or cons for this?
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    The importance of DEEP shade

    I would love to know what your "triple" deep shade consists of
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    Russian enclosures for Phoenix heat

    I recently acquired a Russian I currently have him an outside enclosure but I have been bringing him inside at night. I would like to keep him outside year round but it gets so hot here in the summer its not abnormal to see 110 and higher.I'm looking for ideas to keep him cool in these hot temps...