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  1. Jim in Merced CA

    Central Valley weeds

    Hi All: I live in Merced and these weeds grow all over the side of the roads. Anyone know what it is? And...are they good for Sulcatas to eat?
  2. Jim in Merced CA


    i have two well established aloe vera plants and just learned they're safe for Sulcatas. Ed Jones loves it!
  3. Jim in Merced CA

    My dogs chew the tortoise poop!

    Two of my dogs really like to chew the pieces of tortoise poop. Is this dangerous? Thanks all
  4. Jim in Merced CA

    Baby it's cold outside

    my 12 year old Sulcata has been staying in his heated enclosure since it started getting chilly about a week ago - hasn't set food outside - should I be worried?
  5. Jim in Merced CA

    Three years ago today!

    it was October 22, 2012 when I adopted Ed Jones from the lovely YvonneG. He's healthy and happy and doing great. We love him!
  6. Jim in Merced CA

    Jonathan the Tortoise is 180 years old

    Check the story at the link below.
  7. Jim in Merced CA

    It was two years ago today

    Hi All! It was two years ago today that I stopped by Yvonne G's fantastic Tortoise Wonderland and adopted a Sulcata tortoise who I named Ed Jones. He's been a fantastic addition to our family of beasts, and we're just thrilled to have him. Thanks Yvonne G! Ed Jones
  8. Jim in Merced CA

    Russian Olive Tree Bearing Fruit

    Noticed that my Russian Olive Tree is bearing fruit (it had not in seasons past) Are the olives dangerous for Sulcatas to eat? They have pits.
  9. Jim in Merced CA

    Tortoise comic

    This comic was in the Wall Street Journal today
  10. Jim in Merced CA

    Jungleland tortoise re-homed

    Jungleland was located in my hometown of Thousand Oaks California from the 1930s until 1969. It was home to many animal 'actors' who were used in the movies -- 'Tarzan" and the original musical "Dr. Doolittle" among many others. Recently, the now 80-year old California Desert Tortoise who...
  11. Jim in Merced CA

    One Year Anniversary

    It was a year ago today that I travelled to Clovis, CA, visited the amazing tortoise sanctuary of TortoiseForum member, Yvonne G, and adopted Ed Jones. He is doing great! Thanks Yvonne G!
  12. Jim in Merced CA

    It's hot here!

    Sing with me.... 'Were havin' a heat wave --' Going to be 110 today in Merced. Ed Jones seems to be loving it! Unfortunately, the wasps love his water pan. Pesky buggers Stay cool fellow Westerners!
  13. Jim in Merced CA

    Ed Jones meets Ned

    Had a 'play date' at a friend's house yesterday -- my Ed Jones (approx 9 years old on the left) met Ned (approx 2 years old)
  14. Jim in Merced CA

    Outdoor pest control - harmful to torts

    Hi all -/ I have a small electronic device that sticks in the ground and emits a sound wave designed to keep gophers away. Does the noise bother tortoises? Thanks for any assistance.
  15. Jim in Merced CA

    Tort Obamicon

    Regardless of your political affiliation, thought it was fun to make this on an Obamicon maker. (that's my own Ed Jones in the graphic)
  16. Jim in Merced CA

    Meet Ed Jones

    So I was visiting my hometown of Thousand Oaks, CA (So Cal) a couple weekends ago, and the political signs are up, and I see one that reads "Ed Jones - City Council." Ed Jones was Mayor of Thousand Oaks in 1970 when I first moved to T.O. And Ed was on the City Council for many years...
  17. Jim in Merced CA

    Hello from Central California

    Have the possibility of adopting this awesome beast. I've been reading and researching. Can anyone tell me which type of tortoise this is? Thanks.