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  1. Alan RF

    worming my RT

    Hi everyone! I've just sent a sample of poop to be checked from my RT Mo and if you look at the photos this was the results He apparently has pinworm. What is the best way to worm him? The vets or a reptile centre or myself!?? I'm so glad I checked this before hibernating him! It says he's...
  2. Alan RF

    What is the best MVB for my RT?

    Hi everyone! It's getting cooler in the UK and I'm back to work on Monday! I'll try and leave Mo in his outdoor enclosure but thinking towards mid September I'm going to need an MVB and wondered which make is the best to buy? I'm thinking about getting it from eBay? Or Blue Lizard reptile online?
  3. Alan RF

    I'll climb over anything to get my food!

    Sorry couldn't resist putting Mo (russian) eating his supper tonight. Hilarious! He's literally on top of the stone rocking tipping himself forwards to get a bite then goes backwards. I was wondering what the noise was! Lol :)
  4. Alan RF

    'Just chilling in my pot....'

    Mo my RT just adores this pot when he's outside. Had to share this photo with my fellow tortoise members!
  5. Alan RF

    Help with indoor enclosure

    Okay this is Mo's indoor enclosure and it was a temporary thing because for those who don't know he was found and handed to me about 6 weeks ago. His owners haven't attempted to find him and no contact has been made through me asking the neighbourhood and advertising a direct link online. I've...
  6. Alan RF

    New outside enclosure for a RT

    As fellow RT forum members are aware I obtained my RT by a neighbour who found him in the middle of a road :( I've had 'Mo' over 5 weeks now and decided he is definitely an outside tortoise! He loves it when he's out and about so this weekend we've spent time (and a lot of money!) to build him...
  7. Alan RF

    I love dandelions!

    Sorry just took this photo and had to share- I can't put pictures of one tortoise without the other!
  8. Alan RF

    Help! Found a tortoise...

    Just been handed this tortoise which was found in a garden in my street :) I'm guessing he's a horsefield? About 3/4years old? Anyone know or can help and any advice about finding the right owner ? [hr]
  9. Alan RF

    Nice weather in the UK :)

    just thought I'd share some pics of Alan because the weather is glorious and I haven't put any on here for a while! Think he needs to realise he's not a slim boy anymore!
  10. Alan RF


    Hi to all you Hermann owners....need some advice. I'm a school teacher and a parent brought in her hermanns to show us. Being a red foot owner I could tell some had pyramiding and there nails seemed too long. However, there beaks were really long at the front? I know this look on a red foot...
  11. Alan RF

    sphagnum moss

    I normally buy the New Zealand Sphagnum moss however my garden is full of the stuff and is definitely organic! Can you use it?
  12. Alan RF

    Concerned about my RF

    Hi everyone :) I'm worried about Alan. I soak him daily and ensure his viv is humid etc but today and yesterday when I've come to soak him he's been noticeably dry on his front legs and top of his head. His shell at the front also looks dry. As soon as I soak him he drinks the water and seems...
  13. Alan RF


    Hi everyone :) I have a query about humidity. I understand humidity for a redfoot has to be over 70%??? Looking at my viv I would think my humidity would be high as there is always water\condensation on the glass doors asand surrounding walls. However, when I read the humidity meter that I've...
  14. Alan RF

    Tortoise usb couldnt resist!

    Sorry but I couldn't resist buying this USB!
  15. Alan RF

    My daughter thought she was being funny....

    I got a text today from my daughter telling me that this could be Alan when he meets the girl of his dreams..... I think I might need to explain to my 18 year old daughter to stop hinting about him being a little weighty at the moment!
  16. Alan RF

    The king of the castle

    I was bathing my RF and the castle was waiting to be washed. When I took him out of his bath he kept looking at the castle so for 1 minute I let him be the king of the castle!
  17. Alan RF

    Can you find me? boo!

    Well Alan wrecked his viv today by pulling down his plant, pushing his substrate in his soak then finally buried himself under the plant in his moss ! :) And he's been there all day! ;)
  18. Alan RF

    front legs

    This is rather a random thread but I'm soaking Alan and looking at him walking about and thinking aren't tortoises front legs strange?! Part of the legs are like a foot inverted inwards. sorry it just amazes me how they walk about! I love his back legs especially the red specks on the soles of...
  19. Alan RF

    UVB strip light question

    Sorry it's me again! I'm about to replace a UVB strip light for Alan. The last one I bought was when I bought him! I was advised to buy 12% UVB output due to the 20inch height above question is should I buy the same again or a lesser UVB light?
  20. Alan RF

    Weight question...

    I bought my red foot in July and he weighed 78g which fluctuated for a while. His shell measured 10cm from front to back down the centre. Today he weighs 129g and his shell has stayed the same in length and width??? I can see at his rear some chubby bits :D lol ..... Should I be worried or not...