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    is fertilized soil safe for tortoise?

    Hi everyone, just got my 1st Indian Star Tortoise today. I am using fertilized soil and sphagnum moss as substrates. I know that people recommended non-fertilized soil. However, it is not available where I live. Does any one ever use fertilized soil? is it safe? any recommended...
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    greeting from Hong Kong

    greeting from Hong Kong. I am thinking to get my 1st tortoise in my life. (probably leopard tortoise) I have been researching online and found this website is pretty helpful. thx a lot. hi everyone:)
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    sterilizing sphagnum moss and soil

    Hi everyone. I live in Hong Kong and I am getting ready to buy a leopard as my 1st tortoise. I want to use sphagnum moss and soil as substrates in my indoor pen. I am afraid that there is parasite or any sort of bug eggs come with the substrates which could harm my future tortoise. Do I need...