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  1. Kale

    Tortoise not eating in the summer

    Hi guys, This has been going on honestly for years now but I feel like I finally want an answer. I have had my Russian tortoise Griswold for almost 7 years now and in general he seems to be doing as well as I can tell from a tortoise's demeanor. His shell is round and his eyes and bright and...
  2. Kale

    Just resting?

    I have caught my tortoise via camera posing like this several times now while I'm at work. The camera is somewhat new and I am seeing some interesting active behavior that I wouldn't have otherwise noticed (seems he's a fan of supper around 4:00), but I'm not sure they sprawl out like this...
  3. Kale

    Wardley's good for a Russian tort

    I got these Wardley's Reptile Sticks but the picture would imply they are for an aquatic turtle (they were a gift). I have a Russian. Could he still eat them? The ingredients are Fish Meal, ground corn, poultry by-product meal, dehulled soybean meal. Not sure what most of those mean.
  4. Kale


    I'm a new user from Washington (state). I recently bought a Russian Tortoise from Petco and am finding it is surprisingly not intuitive how these animals work. I posted a question under Tortoise Health since I'm not sure if it's doing ok. I guess if you can check that out and offer some...
  5. Kale

    New Russian tortoise seems fine but has not eaten

    So I got this tortoise almost 20 days ago and he seems to be doing ok. He walks around, examines his habitat, yawns, and sleeps (a lot), and has pooped twice now during soakings. But I have not seen him eat since I got him. I've tried lots of things, including pellets from the store (the...