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  1. peridot

    Growth or Shell Rot?

    I’ve been putting SSD cream on it and cleaning it. This is what it looks like today? Should I be concerned? It looks more raw?
  2. peridot

    Growth or Shell Rot?

    I noticed these spots on my Radiated torts underbelly. Does this look concerning to anyone? I feel like I can kind of scrape them and they’re flakey. Is this just growth? Or do I need to make a vet appointment? I have silver sulfadiazine on hand. Should I put some of that on it?
  3. peridot

    Tortoise Choked

    Ahh, I was recommended by someone on here to cut it up. I’ll definitely stop doing that. Do you think I need to worry about aspiration?
  4. peridot

    Tortoise Choked

    Today I was feeding my tort cactus. I always put my cactus through a food processor so that it’s chopped up, but every once in a while there are larger pieces. I stepped away for a few seconds and when I came back my tortoise had his mouth wide open.. he then seemed to push a large piece of...
  5. peridot

    Captive Maintenance of the Radiated Tortoise

    This guide is amazing! By any chance do you have a link to purchase the tubs you use to house the adults?
  6. peridot

    Wood Rabbit Hut safe for tort??

    I need some advice!! My baby is getting pretty big, so I ordered this hut for him on Amazon. It’s supposed to be for rabbits or Guinea pigs. It doesn’t say what type of wood it is. Should something like this be safe? I wasn’t sure if there were any types of woods that were toxic.
  7. peridot

    More help with Pyramiding?

    It’s been about 2 months since I got the radiated heat panel and new enclosure. My little one is growing slow, but I am noticing this (attached photo) around his pyramiding. Do y’all think it’s looking like that because it’s where the new growth will come in smoother? It seems there is more of a...
  8. peridot

    Mold in AP Closed Chamber?

    Yeah! I have one with sliding doors that is fine, but this one has hinged doors and is having issues!
  9. peridot

    Mold in AP Closed Chamber?

    Ok! I’ll try that! How long should I keep my tort out of the enclosure after I do something like this?
  10. peridot

    Mold in AP Closed Chamber?

    I noticed that I have (what looks like) mold growing in my Animal Plastics closed chamber! Has anyone ever had this issue before? I was shocked to notice this at the top of the plastic! I thought this didn’t generally happen with this type of material?! Each side and back does have slits. What...
  11. peridot

    Swollen eyes?

    He’s fine now and growing like a weed!
  12. peridot

    More help with Pyramiding?

    Right now I'm on the waiting list for his giant new enclosure. So, his current one is nothing to look at. He's too big to include anything other then a warm and cool hide. I'm trying to keep him outside as much as possible until his new indoor enclosure arrives. It's a closed chamber from Animal...
  13. peridot

    Radiant Heat Panels & Closed Chambers

    I currently have two closed chambers sized at 36"x24"x24" and 83"x35"x23.5". I'm currently using Ceramic Heat, but am looking to change to Radiant Heat Panels...As I really want something less drying to the carapace. I've heard some people say that don't heat up the ambient temperatures and...
  14. peridot

    More help with Pyramiding?

    His enclosure is a closed enclosure. I can take a photo later, but there's not much to see. He's outgrown it and I'm waiting on his upgraded, bigger one to arrive. Also, maybe it's just too early for me, but I'm not sure 100% understand your first paragraph! I know what is done is done and...
  15. peridot

    More help with Pyramiding?

    He's in a closed chamber, has been since I got him. It's a 48x24x24, which is way too small now. We're currently on the waiting list for a much bigger upgrade. His substrate is always wet, but he's definitely never swimming. He has an outdoor enclosure and I try to make sure he gets outside for...
  16. peridot

    More help with Pyramiding?

    Previous post: Hi! I wanted to post an update on my tort! He's still showing signs of pyramiding. He stays in a closed chamber, with an automatic misting system. It goes off 3 times a day, one in the afternoon for 2 minutes. All the other...
  17. peridot

    Snorting when drinking water?

    Whenever one of my torts drinks water, he makes a snorting noise? Is this normal? Should I make him a vet appointment? His nose is clear, otherwise. No bubbles. He’s eating and active.
  18. peridot

    Tortoise Enclosure & Red Ants?

    Today when I went I picked up my yearling from his outdoor enclosure, I noticed he had tiny red ants all over him. They were super small, like the size of sugar ants that you get in your house. Do I need to worry about these? I read that you and use food grade diatomaceous earth. However, I...
  19. peridot

    Elephant Grass & Protein?

    I tried doing a search but didn’t see anything about this! I saw somewhere that elephant grass needs to be offered in limited quantities because it can have high protein levels. Is this true? Does anyone have any research or info about this?
  20. peridot

    Sulcata neck swollen

    Sometimes swelling can be kidney related issues. I would definitely ask the vet to take blood and send off for a blood panel. At least that way you could check all the organs and make sure everything is functioning properly