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    Brief story on gopher tortoise relocation
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    Seriously relaxing

    I don't think she's planning to clean up the mess she made.
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    Richard Fife

    Yes, Aladar does look quite reputable.
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    Throwing a Birthday Party for Torts!

    I wouldn't say it was a party per se, but I give mine a special treat (like a strawberry shortcake tort version, melon for the "cake" topped with strawberries and calcium powder for the frosting) and use it as an excuse to get her a present, like a new plant or something.
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    just a little worried

    In my experience (just a single Redfoot I've had about two and a half years), a tortoise does hide a lot no matter what, probably more than one might expect. That said, I would say that from what I've seen, in terms of activity, temperature really impacts that. Mine is most active with temps...
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    Keep off the grass!! *pic heavy*

    In tortoise speak, "restricted area" translates as "fun playground obstacle course"
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    what do you think he's doing with all those tortoises? no one will ever suspect the tortoises until it's too late
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    Misha climbs again!

    "what do you mean tortoises aren't eligible for the Olympics?"
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    Tort Approved Sale

    The Grocery store had Strawberries buy one get one free today. My little girl's gonna be a happy tort on fruit day.
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    Tortoise doomsday prepping

    But if there is a doomsday, and humanity gets decimated, I'm pretty sure the tortoises will survive just fine.
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    Going on the price is right (update)

    RE: Going on the price is right that's pretty cool. good luck.
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    Cool picture of my Sulcata

    Looks like he's using the Force to subdue that lettuce.
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    You ruined your milestone number by continuing to post . better hurry up to get to 6000.
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    Good Reads

    Dan Brown's books are fun reads. I wouldn't say they're well written in a literary sense, but they're fast paced, fairly quick reading, action novels. I would say they're vaguely similar to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I haven't actually read The Immortal Life . . ., I just now it's an...
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    Anyone in Tampa, Florida???

    I live about 2 hours south of Tampa, so I'm not terribly familiar with exact locations in Tampa. I would not know where things are in relation to the port, but I can give you some general information. I'm fairly certain, and as far as I can tell from (post offices website), that...
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    Another episode of Extreme Home Makeover: Tortoise Editions, presented by TFO
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    Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows and others

    I just saw this yesterday. I enjoyed it. I do think the first one was better. A lot of the unique angle on the stories was established in that one and this was more of the same. I think you're supposed to leave thinking Irene is dead, but it's also ambiguous enough that if they wanted to...
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    I just might make the naughty list.

    I'm of the philosophy that its not worth it to get overly fixated on a specific date. Personally, I feel much better about my gift giving and everything else if I do it at my own pace, so I can take my time to really personalize what I do. I think "its the thought that counts" very much...
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    Need a womans advice ( again) others feel free to chime in.

    Speaking as a shy person, I know it takes a lot of guts to put things out on a forum like this, even if people are helpful and its a friendly atmosphere. So, please be patient with his response time. Good luck.
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    He didn't eat the lettuce cause he's wondering where his turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce are.