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    Redfoot reducing food intake

    I have a 2 year old who has been gradually going off of her food. When I first got her she was eating some or all of her food every day. Now she is tapering off her food intake and barely touches the food now. She shows no sign of any illness (I soak her for about 45 minutes per day, she is...
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    "Ok, I pooped..."

    "Bath time OVER now."
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    Concave scutes on plastron?

    Recently I acquired a 2 year old female redfoot. She seems healthy and her carapace is smooth, however, I've noticed that her plastron scutes are concave, almost like "reverse pyramiding". Here's a pic - note that she is blind in one eye, I was told she was born this way. The other eye is fine...
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    A few UVB lighting and housing questions

    I bought a 2 year old female redfoot tortoise, I'm picking her up tomorrow. Her shell length is approximately 6 inches. For the enclosure I plan to use a big two foot by four foot tub for now. I am planning to use the lid of the tub to keep the humidity in, with the CHE's and light underneath...
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    Hi from Toronto!

    I've wanted a tortoise for years and finally got one a few days ago. It's a baby Russian tortoise. He (I think it's a he) is about two inches long from front to back of his carapace, and he weighs 42 grams. I chose a Russian after researching several "beginner" species and taking into account...