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  1. Tina the desert tort

    How big will my tortoise get?

    I have a male desert tortoise who I was told is about 5, I suspect he may be older but I am unsure. Anyway I measured the length of the top of his shell and it was just under 9 inches. Is he done growing? I was told by the rescue that he is about full grown. I will include some pics
  2. Tina the desert tort

    Is this even legal?! Wtf

    Okay, so I have a desert tortoise who I adopted he is permitted and all. I was online looking for more informational content and found an add on tortoise town for desert tortoises for sale! I always thought this was illegal. Anyway can anyone tell me what is happening with this? It’s crazy as...
  3. Tina the desert tort

    Help me see my Sonoran desert tortoise! Please!

    I just got my Sonoran desert tortoise about a week ago from a rescue! I was told she was a female and about 5 years old! However today she was pooping and something came out and then retracted after she pooped. Whatever it was, it was not poop. Was it a tortoise penis? I didn’t get a picture of...
  4. Tina the desert tort

    Desert tortoise Hermanns cohab?

    I have a desert tortoise who I live and adore ?! She is the best. My question is some day in the distant future if I get more space, could she ever live with a Hermanns tortoise or any other tortoise species? If not I am curious as to why, I know some people are against cohabitating but the...
  5. Tina the desert tort

    Texas tortoise

    Hi everyone I have a Sonoran desert tortoise and I have fallen in love with the Gopherus genus! I am wondering today about Texas tortoises! What are they like? Are they a desert species? I live in Cali can I adopt one potentially? Can they live with desert tortoises? And any other info you may...
  6. Tina the desert tort

    Tina the tortoise!

    Hi, it’s Tina the Sonoran desert tortoise! Please follow my instagram for fun daily desert tort life and interesting stuff! I would really appreciate it!