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  1. Falcon70

    Help Building a New Outdoor Enclosure for Year Round Use

    Hey all! I'm looking to build my Russian tortoise a new outdoor enclosure. The old one has done an admirable job over the years, but is tired. Plus, I'm moving and Mzee's going to have a much bigger yard to roam, so it's time to expand and improve. I've been browsing through the enclosure...
  2. Falcon70

    Year 14

    Onto year 14 with Mzee, the (occasional) carrot crushing Russian tortoise! Don’t worry, I was given permission to release these sneak previews of the new Jurassic World movie. Got her as an adult, so no idea on age, but she’s still young in spirit
  3. Falcon70

    Hardware Store T5 HO Light Fixture

    Hey all, it's been a while! I've had to take my Russian tortoise inside for the time being while in the process of moving. As a result, I'm looking to overhaul my lighting, and want to move over to the ReptiSun T5 HO line. To save money, is it possible to use a hardware store equivalent light...
  4. Falcon70

    Tortoise Weather at last

    Finally some sustained warm weather. Mzee's taking up all the sun she can get.
  5. Falcon70

    Outdoor Enclosure Night Hide

    Hey everyone, With warmer weather, I've been looking into keeping my Russian Tortoise outside overnight. The enclosure is secure, but the main problem I have is unlike most others of her species, she isn't a big digger. With spring nights getting into the low 60s, I don't want her to just be...
  6. Falcon70

    The Wintertime Blues

    Well, the wintertimes blues have been hitting hard the past few weeks, but there's finally been a break and we've had some nice weather lately. Hopefully it can stay this way for a while. Mzee seems to be enjoying the sunlight!
  7. Falcon70

    Outdoor Enclosure Renovation

    We've had some nice weather here in NC, so I decided to update my outdoor enclosure. Besides replacing some places where the wood was beginning to rot, the only change made was the cover, which is now hinged for easy access with hardware cloth stapled underneath. The top's previous material was...
  8. Falcon70

    Pre-Forum Throwback

    I was recently looking at some pictures of my Russian tortoise Mzee, who's been part of the family for about 6.5 years now, and yet again realized how great this forum truly is. When I first got her, I was a relatively uneducated owner, learning everything from the breeder, pet stores, and older...
  9. Falcon70

    Quick Weed ID

    1. 2. Hey Everyone, Just a quick question on these two plants. I thought the first might be dandelion, but the edges seem a little too rounded and I haven't seen any of the flower stems. I'm lost on the second one, it has a silver/white underside. Thanks!
  10. Falcon70

    Two Russian Tortoises For Adoption

    Hello All, I have two Russian tortoises that I am looking to find a home(s) for in North Carolina. There is no re-homing fee. I would prefer not to ship, but if that's the deal breaker then the adopter will need to pay for it. I will be going college next year and won't be able to take them...
  11. Falcon70

    Beautiful Fall Day

    A beautiful fall day here in North Carolina.
  12. Falcon70

    Divided Enclosure

    Hey everyone, it's been awhile. Last summer I built a 6ft x 5ft outdoor enclosure for my male and female Russians, but had to divide it in half because of aggressive (mating) behavior towards the girl tortoise. I was hoping to try and make it a single enclosure again, and was wondering if having...
  13. Falcon70

    Comparison of Major Mercury Bulbs Vapor Bulbs

    Hey Everyone, I know these Mercury bulbs and UVB lights have been a much debated and talked about topic, but when looking at three of the major brands today I noticed a huge price difference. On, they have three different bulbs: SunSpot UV - Fluker's: $32...
  14. Falcon70


    Hey everyone, Today I was able to hand feed one of my Russians today for the first time in 4 1/2 years. Out of the two she is far more personable and completely food motivated, which reminds me of the bullmastiff I used to have:D. Anyways, here she is: (P.S. don't worry about them...
  15. Falcon70

    Foreign Language

    Hey Everyone, Since there are people from all around the world on this forum, I thought a lot of you would be able to give some good input on how you learned a foreign language. Last summer I went to Tijuana to help out my cousin at his orphanage, and found that my three years of high school...
  16. Falcon70

    Cactus preparation and storage

    Hey everyone, I ordered cactus pads from coastal silkworms for the first time yesterday. I have fed them cactus pads before, but they were wild and had spines and did not need to preserve them. These are supposedly spineless with a spike here or there. I was wondering if I should freeze them...
  17. Falcon70

    Cyprus mulch blend

    Does anybody know if Timberline Cyprus Mulch Blend is any good for bedding? All the bag tells me is that it is a certified mulch product.
  18. Falcon70

    Improving Outdoor Enclosure

    Hey everyone, So I built this enclosure in December and boy has it been great. The difference I see in my two Russians behavior and eating habits are amazing. Over the past week I have been adding some more soil and turning up the old soil/sand mix I have in there so they can burrow/dig...
  19. Falcon70


    I think this is the first time I've given them a strawberry in four years; it sure didn't take much time for them to finish them up:)
  20. Falcon70

    Pinkish Urates

    Hey everyone, A few days ago I noticed that my female RT's urates (in her urine) were a little pink. I thought it was just something she ate, but today I noticed it again and it was a little darker shade; does anyone have an idea what it is? I thought it may be blood, but if it was, wouldn't it...