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  1. Niki

    Russian tort digging hole

    I live in Az. Her enclosure has dirt and I have added some soil for the plants and for her to dig around in. But the ground here in Az is pretty hard. I can tell she has been working pretty hard- she found a place in between some bushy plants. I can barely see her. I am not home now... But when...
  2. Niki

    Russian tort digging hole

    My female Russian is in her enclosure (outside) digging a hole with her back legs... Like she is going to lay an egg. About 2 months ago she escaped my backyard and ended up at the local herpetological center. She was housed in a giant enclosure with a bunch of other tortoises. She was there for...
  3. Niki

    Russian tortoise on the Loose

    I have a kinda odd question regarding my Russian "Greta's" behavior. I live in Az where are temp was close to 90 degrees yesterday. She lives outside in her enclosure where she will hibernate in her borrow I built for her. With our unseasonable warm weather, she woke up early. She has been up...
  4. Niki

    Tort egg?

    Thanks Tom, for your help... I am going to attempt to do all you suggested. No, there are no bird nests around, it definitely looks like the pictures of Russian tort eggs I have seen.
  5. Niki

    Sharing My Russians Outdoor Enclosure

    Looks great... My russian tort Greta, lives outside on an enclosure and likes to wonder the backyard at times. I live in Az so she can live outside 24/7. Your place looks fantastic!
  6. Niki

    Tort egg?

    Wow, how exciting! Should I purchase an incubator or just let nature take its course.
  7. Niki

    Tort egg?

    Can anyone please suggest what I do with this egg? Or if she happens to lay anymore? My son is extremely excited... But I told him not to get his hopes up for baby torts. Do I keep it in her enclosure?
  8. Niki

    Tort egg?

    Omg!! Ok, going to soak her now... Thanks! I am assuming this egg is no good?
  9. Niki

    Tort egg?

    Hi! I was cleaning out my Russians enclosure today, and found an egg. My tort Greta lives alone but did get out of our back yard recently and went on an adventure. She was returned 3 days later. Is this a tort egg?
  10. Niki

    Arizona Tortoise Owners

    Hi! I live in Scottsdale... Have a Russian tort that lives in my backyard.
  11. Niki

    Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982

    30 years in a box!
  12. Niki

    All my animals

    Love your animals! I have always wanted a basset hound. So cute!
  13. Niki

    She's back!

    Well, Greta is officially up! Took a day or so and she is back to hating her soaks and loving the sun!
  14. Niki

    What dog food do you use?

    I have two chi's and a Lhasa poo.. I feed them mostly raw. I trade off between the various brands, Primal ( which I love ) Stella & Chewy's etc.. I also go to Whole Foods when I can and buy chicken necks and beef bone marrow. They love it! When I am out of town they get ziwipeak canned food. I...
  15. Niki

    All the things and this is what he plays with!!

    Tried to watch from iPhone. Of course it wouldn't let me 😔
  16. Niki

    Russian awake

    Thank you! I feel better leaving her outside all the time. She has a burrow she sleeps in and comes up during daylight. So, no extra food, just weeds available in her enclosure. Sounds good!
  17. Niki

    Russian awake

    That is my question too... I have already soaked her and she has been eating dandelions most of the day. I am assuming she is up for good and won't hibernate now. I just kinda let her do her own thing and it would be hard to keep her from hibernating. Also.. Does everyone agree that 46 at night...
  18. Niki

    Russian awake

    Thanks.... I didn't mess with her today, but I will soak her first thing in the morning. I also have a big Tupperware box in my garage I can put her in at night.
  19. Niki

    Russian awake

    My russian "Greta" has appeared from her burrow today. I live in Az where the temps have been in the high 60's and 40's at night. She lives in an outside enclosure and was in a hole inside her burrow since about middle November. I am pretty sure she has been nibbling on some weeds in her...